Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's Wednesday Morning, Do You Know Where Your Prime Minister is?

So the Israelis plug one of our soldiers, and Stephen Harper has nothing to say? Or at least, I've seen no comment on the Net, in the papers this morning, or on CBC/CTV. What, is our boy sleeping late on a Wednesday?

Surely, our glorious leader plans something more than, and more appropriate than, sending oldtimer General Lewis MacKenzie onto CBC radio this morning to trash-talk Canada's peacekeeping tradition?


Anonymous said...

probbaly just doing it it piss off the likes of you & your ilk

Doing a good job of it too.

Go Steve go, keep messing with your inferiors

Anonymous said...

Speaking of knowing where your PM is, it's past time we knew where the Liberal PM wannabees stand on the conflict. I know Harper's position, and have some idea as to Volpe, Rae Brison positions but have no idea what Dion, Fry, Kennedy, Iggy, Bennett, Martha would offer on this rather important foreign policy matter. Missing in action it would seem.

bigcitylib said...

Dion and Kennedy have spoken out on the issue, and a quick google search or visit to their campaign website will make you privy to their thoughts. Iggy is a mystery. He's supposed to be attending to a family matter, but his absolute silence is unacceptable.

Alberta Report said...

Seems Stephen Harper's "measured response" is to send out his anonymous blogging cowards division to do recon, attack and run-away manouvers. Nice to see the trademark witty reparte rather than substantive justification for their "fearless" leader.

Harper is hiding because he knows that the media, his opponents, and his detractors know *exactly* which buttons to push. There is so much fodder to use against Harper come the next election a chimp would have an excellent chance at a majority. (actually the chimp automatically has more charisma, but I digress)

With canadians dying, suffering and waiting to leave a war zone I'm pretty sure "steve" will have to eat his words soon enough - which is why he's hiding, like his anonymous blogging coward friends.

Anonymous said...

in interview this morning on CBC radio in Toronto with retired Maj. Gen. Lewis MacKenzie. MacKenzie states he knew the Canadian member who was killed and had been in recent e-mail communication with him. The observer had stated that Hizballah had been using the UN observers as human shields hoping to draw Israeli fire.

So Kofi knew his troops were at risk from the Hisbullah pantywaist cowards . . WHY DIDN"T HE WITHDRAW HIS TROOPS


bigcitylib said...

Because his troops had a job to do and because Ehud Olmert had promised the U.N. repeatedly that observation posts would not be targetted. You now seem to be arguing that the Israelies were in the right even if they were targetting the post. Quite freakish.

Anonymous said...

( - The four United Nations peacekeepers killed in an Israeli attack on their outpost were required to stay at that post “until they were ordered by the [U.N.] secretary general to withdraw,” said a member of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization on Wednesday.

But the peacekeepers apparently never received such an order, despite the fierce cross-border fighting that erupted in southern Lebanon two weeks ago.

Kofi Lied - A Canadian Died

Anonymous said...

Because his troops had a job to do ??

So Kofi knows his troops were being used as human shields and he still left them in place ??

Leadership like that gets you fragged in my army

Too bad his sense of duty wasn't so sharp during the Rwanda crisis . . .


and Big City LIb defends him . . makes you an accomplace

bigcitylib said...

In your army of anonymous cowards? I would imagine. And yes, the UN guys had a job to do and Ehud Olmert told them they would not be fired upon while they were doing it. The IDF then had them killed, and shot at the people who came to rescue them.

Alberta Report said...

Thats some pretty big talk from you there, "anonymous"... geeze you're such a brave little soldier.

What army was that? Mommy's basement raiders?

Anonymous said...

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