Monday, July 17, 2006

What if

...the Tories engineer their own defeat this Fall over, for example, the Softwood Lumber deal. How does a leaderless Liberal Party play the election to follow? TDH Strategies has some ideas:

This then brings up a valid question, sent in by one of this website's regular readers: what will be the battle strategy of the Liberals? Well, in my opinion, if we were forced into such an unenviable position, the best thing that we could do would be to make use of the multiple candidates that are running for the top job. Thing of it...Michael Ignatieff in the Maritimes talking about wind power and sustainable energy...Gerard Kennedy in British Columbia talking about a new platform for immigrants...Scott Brison in Ontario, talking about economic innovation. Any leader debates would have to be handled by Bill Graham, but it would be a very interesting endeavors to make use of the breadth and strength of the 11 declared candidates.

This might work. I think the leadership debates would be a problem, however. Doubts about Bill Graham's debating abilities aside, I wonder what he would say when asked about Afghanistan (for example), and who he would claim to be speaking for? It's too bad the party couldn't put together a short-list of top-tier candidates (Dion, Iggy, Kennedy, and maybe Rae), and parcel out the debates to them, after having agreed in advance to a fairly generic Lib platform with space for disagreement over specific issues.

Although I suppose there would be problems with this as well. Iggy's ability to stick his foot in his mouth, for example.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm 11 Liberals against 1 Steve. . . pretty good odds.

I'll bet a hundred an Steve to make mince meat out of that pile 'o hasbeens, wannbes and never willbes.

I especially like the brilliance of keeping Brison out of the Maritimes and parachuting Kennedy into BC.

Keeping Rae out of Ontario, is however a very smart move - he is utterly despised by the voters in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

And there would be a media frenzy when they start giving different prescriptions on policy issues.

Robert said...

If the party platform/message is decided ahead of time, everyone gets on the same page.

Bob Rae would undoubtedly kick Steve's ass in a debate (especially the french debate).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rae "You destroyed the economy of the Provice of Ontario as the NDP premiere. After that failure, you switched parties and the Liberals welcomed you with open arms. How can Canadians now trust you to not destroy Canada's ecomony ??"

ya . . it would be a really good debate . . .

iggyforpresident said...

Some of my leadership buds are in a contretemps (for you serfs that's french for 'they hate each others guts') over the justified actions of my friends the great state of Israel.

The formerly socialist and newly blond Boob Rae argues that Harper's Conservative government has missed a chance to follow in the hallowed footsteps of Lester Pearson by playing peacemaker. But Tory-turned-Liberal Scott Brison, counters: "Israel does have a right to defend itself against unprovoked attacks from Hezbollah. The biggest challenge in Lebanon is going to be nation-building," Brison said adding, "If Bob Rae is against nation-building in Afghanistan, why is he for it in Lebanon? He's sucking and blowing at the same time." A technique honed to perfection by Scotty boy according to my good friends Ashley and Bill.

Clearly my Liberal brothers are at sea on this important issue as most others. Foodbankguy was searching a map to find Lebanon, said he might run there. Hockeyguy opined as how some of his best friends are Lebanese and he goes to all their bar mitzvahs.

Only my devine guidance can steer this moribund Party to its natural destiny, amalgamation with the Democratic Party under the inspired leadership of Hillary and Al. Peace y'all.

Iggy Rex

bigcitylib said...

Yo Iggyfor Pres, I'm working on a post on the history of big box shopping malls. Just for you man,because you'll read anything.

Anonymous said...

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