Sunday, January 07, 2007

Should Wajid Khan Give Up His Pakistani Dual Citizenship?

As a writer on BCer In Toronto notes, and as this CBC story confirms, Wajid Khan is one of the dozen or so MPs in the house with dual citizenship. In this case, Khan is a citizen of Pakistan.

Now that Khan has become a member of the governing party, in fact a "Special Advisor on South Asia and the Middle East", he is in a position do far more damage to Canada's natural interest than Stephane Dion. For example, Pakistan seems to be running a double game in Afghanistan, apparently supporting the West while harboring and perhaps arming the Taliban. Whose side is Khan on? And what happens if India/Pakistan tensions flare up? Will Khan be able to offer objective advice, or will he (perhaps unconsciously) lean towards Pakistan?

And, therefore, should Khan be asked to demonstrate his loyalty to Canada by renouncing his dual citizenship?

I expect Ezra will be all over this one, and Andrew Coyne, who has recently turned to smearing Dion's patriotism, as well. Presumably, they will demand that Mr. Khan tear up his Pakistani citizenship papers on national television.

Yeah, I expect that real soon.


Anonymous said...

where do I get me one of those liberal umbrellas that protect me from everything? You know, the umbrella that presents you as a strong upstanding citizen as long as you are liberal, but when it is gone portrays you as a used car salesman who has potential terrorist links and is a threat to Canada's security?

and I thought umbrellas were just supposed to protect you from the rain....

The Rat said...

I was unaware that Khan was in the running to be Prime Minister. Could your source that story for us or are you just speculating out your ass?

Gazetteer said...

An interesting point.

Unfortunately, actually trying make the point about the hypocrisy of this is at the present time is useless.

For two reasons.

First, the small - see willful blindness and obfuscation in comments above.

Second, the frame - by shining the light back on the thing it only makes the original one more glittery, thus enticing the hind-brain media pack herd to circle back and gaze at it with wonderment once more.

I suggest it is time to move on and build frames of substance around things like, say, the words and actions of the incoming Minister of the Environment.


bigcitylib said...

No, Rat, he is actually in a powerful position re Canadian foreign policy.

In practical terms, as I say, he could do far more damage to the nation.

Anonymous said...

I am a little wary of a guy who "fought for his country, Pakistan" claiming to be loyal to Canada.

The most patriotic thing one can do is fight for "their" country.

Deno said...

"No, Rat, he is actually in a powerful position re Canadian foreign policy.

In practical terms, as I say, he could do far more damage to the nation."

Your kidding right?

Do you not understand how our system of government works?

In Canada a PM with a majority is a elected dictator and can do anything he or she wants for 4 - 5 years

. In a minority government the PM is a dictator that can do anything he want for 6 - 18 months or when the opposition believes they waited long enough to have a new election.

The point here is a PM with duel citizenship can do much more harm to our country then any back bench MP.

If you don,t know this BCL your a fool.

If you do understand this, then you a liar.


bigcitylib said...

Deno, buddy, pinhead,

Dion may one day be PM. Khan is right now an advisor to Harper on some of the most sensitive matters of foreign policy. Who can do more damage? Think, dude, think.

Deno said...


Khan cannot do anything that Harper does not aprove of so there is no threat.

Why were you not worried about this when Khan was a Liberal? Are you realy that shallow?

I guess you are.

Wow! You realy are a fool.


Ti-Guy said...

Deno's been banned all over the blogosphere. The drivel is constant, unvarying and dull.

This drive the trolls have. I simply don't get it. Is trolling just a way to pass the time while the Hentai downloads?

Ol' Ezzie must have bitten his tongue clean through by now. A muslim and a dual citizen? How'd Khan vote on re-opening SSM? If "yes", Jason Kenney will have to get out his leather restraints and ball-gag to control Levant.

Ti-Guy said...

"if yes" s.b. "if no"


paul said...

So here's the way I see it. Dion inherited French citizenship from his mother and it's pretty much just a little treat for him, whereas Khan is from Pakistan and allegedly fought in the Pakistani army.

It's just like 'anonymous' said-the most patriotic thing one can do is fight for "their" country.

burlivespipe said...

That all and any info that Kahn brings / digs up appears to be only for Harpor, that makes him extremely a danger. Certainly Harpor likely would vet any info provided by his special agent -- who travels under the guise of a backbencher in Canadian parliament. But we're paying for his rides, his expenses and who knows what else (hopefully not that hairpiece!)

Deno said...

Hey ti-guy

Why don't you and BCL answer this question?

Why were you not worried about Khan when he was a liberal? Now that he is a Tory he is suddenly a security threat?

Is it because he is Muslim and not white?


bigcitylib said...


Because he's now in Government, not opposition. Much more opportunity to make mischief.

Gol said...

The Liberal bloggers I see make me very happy and confident to be a Conservative.You guys are going to have a long,long,well-deserved separation from power.We appreciate the help and please rock on.

Deno said...

Because he's now in Government, not opposition. Much more opportunity to make mischief.

As a card carring Liberal I guess you would know about mischief and corruption.

If Khan was white and from France would you still be worried?

bigcitylib said...

If you believe that Dion might be a danger to the nation because he has dual citizenship (and this is what concervatives have been arguing), then clearly an actual member of the ruling party who is a dual citizen must be twice as dangerous, especially if they have Harper's ear on matters of foreign policy.

If Dion's gotta renounce, Khan's gotta renounce. That's what's fair.

paul said...

Deno, nobody cared about citizenship until the Tories made a big deal out of it. Since they are so concerned about Dion, shouldn't they care about Khan??

Deno said...
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Deno said...

If Dion had an American citizenship instead of French would you still not have a problem with it?

You guys are hypocrites.

If someone who wanted to be PM also had American citizenship you would be screaming bloody murder that this person would be nothing more then an American puppet.

I think you guys are attacking Khan because of his religion and color.


bigcitylib said...

deno wrote:

"I think you guys are attacking Khan because of his religion and color."

From Hansard:

Mr. Wajid Khan (Mississauga—Streetsville, Lib.):

"Mr. Speaker, after years of making anti-immigrant statements, the Conservatives are now trying to cast themselves as pro-immigrant. How ironic."

paul said...

I'm certainly not attacking Khan. I'm just saying what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Anonymous said...

I knew Mr Kahn back his days as a used car salesman in Toronto. He was source of many consumer complaints which are matter of public record. He has not changed much.

bigcitylib said...

Where were those consumer complaints lodged, any idea? The BBB (Better Business Bureau?)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at people worrying about his dual nationality. I am hoping he must never get elected again. He and his pack of mafia cronies are no less than a cancer to the society. Pakistan has abundant of these kind of people so-called self-appointed politician with no moral values. For money and favours he can do anything I mean anything.
People should open their eyes now i had my share of doubts about him since the beginning that is now proven. He is no good for Canada let alone society especially Mississauga.
Stop this jerk in his tracks