Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Did It Come With A Free Bowl Of Soup?

In what is surely a political two-fer, the equivalent of a trick shot in pool, the Harper government has managed to "support" both Culture and Canadian Veterans for the princely sum of "up to $2,000 " donated to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra:

The funds, provided through Veterans Affairs Canada's Community Engagement Partnership Fund, will be used to support Remembrance Day concerts.

"Music is a universal language with an amazing ability to speak directly to our emotions and imagination," said Minister Thompson. "Through music, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's concerts will allow listeners to more deeply understand the feelings of the men and women who served our country during the Second World War."

$2,000? You couldn't bury 1/3 of a soldier for that price! It's not half of Bev Oda's Limo Bill and, although the Tories won't say, given the standard rate for psychic hair-dressers, I expect Michelle Muntean hauls in way over $2,000 per pay.

And what's going on with the "up to" stipulation? Does this mean that if the Clarinet player breaks a reed, for example, the replacement comes out of his own pocket? Are the musicians even getting paid in Canadian $s, or stale donuts? And how much did it cost send out this news release (to get anything on Canada news wire usually costs at least a couple $100).

h/t to the Shotgun Blog.

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