Sunday, February 26, 2012

He's Making A List...

The dude/dudette from Sixth Estate has the best riding by riding deets on the Robocon scandal here.  Who reported it, who won the riding and by how many votes.  And someone in the comments notes this incident from 2008, which suggests that the CPoC has been pulling this stuff for awhile.  They can't blame Mike Sona for that one.  He wouldn't even have been of legal drinking age at the time.

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Gloria said...

Why is that not a big surprise? Canada has been a cesspool of corruption, government thefts, wasted tax dollars, for decades.

Harper has been giving billions of our tax dollars to, banks, mines, gas and oil corporations. He just gave then, ANOTHER tax reduction. Harper now has his sneaky meetings behind closed doors. Harper hates his dastardly deeds, being posted on the internet,for the world to see.

We all knew Harper cheated to win the election. We have been posting for months, about the robocalls. We also posted about, Harper campaigning from a Calgary radio station, on election day. That too is illegal.

We have been absolutely livid about the cesspool of corruption in Canada. We are furious about, the internet snooping. 15 police officers in Vancouver, were caught watching porn, on the computers in the detachment, on OUR TAX DOLLARS. That's all we need, is an excuse for the police to watch porn, in the line of duty??? The police in Canada, refuse to investigate politicians crimes. Such as, Gordon Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. That's the first s.o.b. that needs to be dragged back to Canada, and jailed for treason, corruption and theft.