Saturday, February 04, 2012

Your Daily Nazi: Hey! Guess Who's In That Nazi-Leak Database?

It's Mark Fournier from FreeD, swapping pleasantries with Bill Noble of the Aryan Guard!  Presumably the disagreement of which the two men speak is over that whole extermination of non-whites issue.  But, hey, that's just a small thing between two freedom fighters.

PS.  Image looks better when you click on it.


Anonymous said...

Bill Noble Is an outright extremist neo-Nazi. That Fournier would even give him the time of day says more than we need to know.

Nitangae said...

Sorry for my ignorance, but is this fellow the same Mark Fournier or is it just a crazy coincidence that the two have the same name?

Just Me4 said...

The Fourniers are no friends of Harper, if you knew them you would know that. This is nothing but a trumped up drive by smear not worthy of even a left wing journalist.