Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meet Matt Meier (Of RackNine)

Matt thinks the NDP has defamed him, and has fired off some legal paper-work.  Given Matt's links to the Harper Gov., it isn't surprising that these documents have wound up in the hands of Stephen Taylor.


Steve V said...

Maybe they just met at the RackNine hospitality suite at the last Conservative Convention?

ricky said...

I would call people that organized this election fraud goons and sleazy punks. The case is stronger now that Mr. Taylor has a copy of a letter from racknine to the NDP. Just lucky he got it and racknine did not send me a copy to post.

Jim Parrett said...

So much for "free speech", eh?

Ted Betts said...

I would love love love to see the NDP and Pat Martin fight this one in court. Or at least to the doorstep of court.

If a claim is actually launched - and note one hasn't been launched yet - in discoveries the NDP would be able to get copies of all sorts of documents and emails and be able to interview MPG and interested parties.

That would be a veritable gold mine of information on tactics and would no doubt in my mind reveal a more widespread and nationally organized "controversy" than we know about yet.