Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nathan Cullen Testifies

The most LPoC friendly Dipper lays it out:

[Nathan Cullen's] proposal is simple: In the next campaign, the goal would be to choose joint candidates in the ridings now held by Tory MPs. The decision about whether to co-operate with another party would be left up to the local riding association.

If it works, card-carrying New Democrats, Liberals and Greens would gather in their constituency to choose a single candidate from one of the parties to run head-on against the Conservative.

"If it works" is a big if.  In my extremely limited experience of riding level politics, the further you go down in the party structure the bigger the divas get, clutching their tiny allotment of power close and closer.  It wouldn't surprise me if the local riding associations reject this scheme en masse, preferring to fight the good fight under whatever party banner and lose rather than compromise and win.

No.  A merger of parties has to be like a merger of companies. The lower-downs don't get a choice.   Efficiencies have to be achieved and, unfortunately, people have to be fired or otherwise wrenched from their entitlements.  Like Harper did with the Alliance and the Federal PCs. 

Its painful.  I'm not sure how much some of the merger cheerleaders realize this.


Anonymous said...

Great post. You are right. It would be painful for a few that deserve to be cut out. But then think who who we could actually get rid of

thescottross.blogspot.com said...

I don't agree every riding will be full of "divas" but enough of them will be to prove your point.