Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Robocon Update: How The CPoC Stiffed Sona

It was already common knowledge that the notion of Mike Sona's involvement in the Robocon affair was pushed by Conservative Party sources.  This bit from Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher's latest makes clear the exact path by which the rumour was transmitted:

Sona, who was director of communications for the Burke campaign, made headlines during the campaign when he tried to shut down a special ballot being held for university students by trying to grab the ballot box.

He was first associated with this story when Sun TV reported that senior Conservatives believed he was a person of interest to the investigation. Sona soon resigned from his job working for Conservative MP Eve Adams.

The original report can be found here.

As for all those stories re the Canadian public not caring about the scandal, I would simply urge patience.  Adscam surfaced in 2004.  Nobody cared until about two weeks into the '06 election until, suddenly, they did.  And its been a ball-and-chain around the LPoC's neck ever since.

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