Saturday, March 03, 2012

Tory Story Changes Again

Now they're as confused as anyone about the Guelph robocalls.  And in one sense Dean Del Mastro is the perfect advocate for this position; he does indeed seem very confused. 

PS.  It was the Tories that told everyone that Mike Sona was suspect number one.  Just to be clear on that.

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rockfish said...

Incredulous. Cons are the party that had 2 senators face charges over election fraud, and only saved those 2 frauds' bacon (and senatorial perks) by pleading guilty after a long, long denial.
They're the party that said, to call up the constituents of another party's MP and tell a blatant lie was just "freedom of speech"... Now they are trying to turn around this runaway train, with Chumley Dal Maestro in the lead, with a constant spin of spins. Are Canadians ready to be suckered again?