Thursday, March 08, 2012

Real Women Should Not Be Choosing Diamond Jubilee Medal Winners

From Xtra:

A Canadian group whose homepage currently states that one of the biggest threats to families is the “homosexual lobby” and “the media” has been appointed to help government decide how to award Diamond Jubilee Medals to honour Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years of service to Canada.

REAL Women of Canada, a socially conservative, anti-feminist group that often acts as an intervenor in court cases that oppose queer rights, will recommend medals under the social and volunteer category.
If I were to explain in a few lines why they shouldn't be involved in this event, I would choose these lines from a 2003 speech by their National Vice President Gwen Landolt:

"Before I got involved in the UN people would talk about one world government and I said "oh yea, yea, yea", I didn't believe it. But after REAL Women has been to roughly 30 UN meetings I realize that the UN is a tool for maybe a handful of 300 people to control one world government, and certainly the international criminal court that is coming up is going to be used as the tool to attack the Catholic Church and all other religions. I know it's coming."

"It's all part of the same package. The homosexual issue is being used, discrimination, human rights are being bring in the whole thing and one world government..."

Now, this presser suggests to me that Xtra is a little late to the story and the medals have already been awarded.  But if you still want to send the GG a disapproving email, here is his contact page.


Update: I am informed that medals will be given out through the course of 2012, and RW's involvement will continue for that whole period of time.  So an email to the GG is definitely still in order.

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