Sunday, March 18, 2012

Randy Hillier Breaks With Ontario Landowners Association

...over Crown Land Patents. 

While IANAL, some of the powers ascribed to these documents by people at the OLA--wave it in front of a government official trying to gain access to your property and he will apparently melt--seem downright bizarre.  Furthermore, Lanark MPP Randy Hillier seems to have contacted a real lawyer, and as a result is now expressing doubt over this particular arrow in the OLA's strategy quiver:

Dear friends in the Landowners; 

There has been much written and said regarding Crown Land Patents, but most, if not all, that you have heard is either false or misleading. As the founding President of both the Lanark and Ontario Landowners, I feel I have an obligation to caution you regarding much of the information that is out there, and provide you with some facts and informed positions on Crown Patents.

There follows a recitation of these facts, after which Randy concludes that Crown Land Patents do not override the principles of common law, and cannot therefore keep the government off your land.

This has not made them happy at the OLA, and today President Tom Black posted a response.  It begins:

It is with great sadness that I respond to a letter that was sent to the Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) members on Sunday, March 11, 2012. In this letter, Randy Hillier MPP for Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington and one of the original founders of the OLA informed the membership that he no longer supports the direction of the OLA and specifically our quest to discover the value of the Land Patent/Crown Grants as per our property rights.

Mind you, some of the OLA membership have not taken Hillier's musings with such equanimity, and have lashed out instead.  For example:

Nick Vandergragt I am very sorry Randy, but you blew it big time with this. I only hope we can do enough damage control to avoid a major setback.


Andrew Phillips: Randy Hillier is a sell out. You could tell that when he backed off on closing the Ontairo Human Rights Commission.

Who says they don't know how to have fun out in Lanarck?


Terrence said...

* Lanark

Some OLA dude cornered me at an event once to ask me if I'd ever heard of land patents before. This was years ago.

What followed was an hour of me trying desperately to get out of that conversation without being rude.

"Oh, you have a magic bullet, do you? The one that will chase the government away forever? And you want to tell me all about it? Please... continue!"

What followed was an hour of me trying desperately to get out of the

bigcitylib said...

What were doing in Lanark? Did your plane develop engine problems when you were flying over?

Kurt Phillips said...

Hmmm, wonder how Ed Kennedy on Free Dominion is going to respond to this?

bigcitylib said...

He'll probably threaten someone.

Terrence said...


I was at Peter Jaworski's Liberty Summer Seminar. OLA people sometimes attend.

liberal supporter said...

So these OLA people are basically Montana Freemen? Or just run of the mill separatists?

Grace said...

Randy seems to have his own agenda for some reason. I CAN ATTEST TO THE FACT THAT THE CROWN PATENTS ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE my case, I was told my property was only a single family dwelling on a single municipal property.

I ordered my land patent and lone and behold I received two patents because since 1893 my property has been two municipal properties and the building on it a semi-detached, with two separate numbers.

But the municipality tried to reduce my property down to a single property with a single family dwelling and I would have lost one property outright and the right to have my two duplexes (one at each municipal address).