Friday, March 23, 2012

Paul Dewar Is Apparently Going To Rap His Convention Speech

And he is not even slightly funky.

Cullen was quite eloquent re Northern Gateway.  Horwath got in a good line about Bob Rae knowing how to do what's right by Bob Rae.  That got a roar out of some of the Libloggerspresent.  Dewar's skillz, however, are truely inadequate.

Update:  Dewar actually spoke in the end.  His speech didn't impress me much but it made me notice how little french Cullen's presentation contained.  Hmm.  Wonder what this signifiies.

Another update:  The soundtrack to Mulcair's video lead in is mostly white noise, something that sounds like a jack-hammer, and drums.  It is starting to make me angry, which may be the point.


sharonapple88 said...

Wonder what this signifies.

Les gants sont éteints. (Translation: The gloves are off.)

Omar said...

Did Cullen's suit look as ill-fitting in person as it did on teevee? So far Dewar is winning the battle of the Finely Tailored hands down. I also notice a nice coif of hair is not a big factor among the male NDP leadership hopefuls. Although Dewar's woolly-do probably wins that one as well.

Omar said...

Hey! This hippie drumming thing is the most commie thing so far! Doesn't seem very Mulcair-like to me, but I like it!

bigcitylib said...

I started getting angry for some reason. What was the Jack hammer on the sound track?