Saturday, April 14, 2012

Attack Ads That Must Go Unwritten

 B.C's Conservative Party took a step towards reswpectability today by refusing the membership application of one Dean Skoreyko.  Dean, who blogs as B.C. Blue, is best known as the BC Con spokesperson who, when confronted with potential floor crosser MLA Blair Lekstrom, said:

It's too late for Lekstrom to reverse his HST position.... "You can't stand up in the house when 85 per cent of B.C. is against it according to the polls and support it, then stand up a few weeks later and say you're against it," he said. "A rat is a rat is a rat."

In other words, the B.C. Tories know teh krazy when they see it.  But their gain is the B.C. Liberal Party's loss; someone in Christy Clark's war-room is crying tonight.


Jim Parrett said...

Any person who would go after Kady O'Malley repeatedly is a sick person.

harebell said...


Dean is a classic coward.
Whenever anybody leaves a comment that disagrees with him or points out his mistakes it never gets approved. Maybe the odd soft one, but those pointing out just how wrong he is never.
Then he has the temerity to demand accountability and immediate response from others.
CC has been documenting his rather worrying obsessive behaviour vis a vis Ms O'Malley on twitter.