Friday, April 13, 2012

Clarification On David Suzuki: The Globe Misleads

 The Globe has sown confusion in the blogosphere this morning with this story, which begins:

Seeking to blunt Conservative attacks, Suzuki quits board of environmental foundation

Canada’s most famous environmentalist, David Suzuki, says he left the board of his charitable foundation to avoid being a lightning rod for criticism and government attacks that would undermine its work.

Still, Peter Robinson, who is the head of the David Suzuki Foundation, said the group is facing a “chill” that is leading it to pull back from important environmental debates lest it be accused by the federal government of exceeding its charitable mandate.

In fact, Suzuki's departure from the foundation that bears his name had nothing to do with the federal government's latest attack on charities opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline.  How do I know this?  It happened during the summer of 2011.  Now, the larger point--that Suzuki's move was to ensure that his personal actions didn't draw conservative attacks upon his foundation--is fair enough.  And the fact that it is still being attacked for such personal remarks demonstrates the mendacity of the Harper government's allies in this fight.  But no, Joe Oliver's latest efforts against the enviro movement had nothing, nothing to do with Mr. Suzuki's decision.  The Globe is seeking a story where there isn't one.

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