Thursday, April 05, 2012

Your Daily Nazi: When You Shine A Bright Light You Are Bound To Attract A Few Flies

 ...or something.

WildRose candidate forBarrhead-Westlock-Morinville Link Byfield shaking hands with White Supremacist Paul Fromm back in 1999.  Something, I think, that Mr. Byfield should be called upon to explain.



sharonapple88 said...

Wow. And Byfield looks happy to meet Fromm. Wow.

double nickel said...

Not to quibble, but the date on the photo says '94

bigcitylib said...

Hmm. Original caption says:

The original caption: "REPORT MAGAZINE Editor Link Byfield
addressing our dinner in his honour (November 1999).

Unknown said...

I welcome an Alberta government of Wild Rose nuts screaming for Northern Gateway and attacking opposition in BC.
That would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a Neo-Nazi Reformer too. His Northern Foundation Party, of 1989 they said, was organized by the skinheads.

Harper's poison is in BC too. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell works for Herr Harper. Henchman Campbell thieved and sold BC's assets and resources. Campbell twice lied to be re-elected. Then Harper and Campbell financially destroyed BC. BC has been pretty much sold out to China.

Now we have another of Harper's henchman, Boessenkoll working for the, so called BC Liberals. He works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge. Now, we have a so called BC Liberal, Van Dongen who crossed the floor to the so called, BC Conservatives.

So, Harper's so called Conservatives, the so called BC Liberals and the so called BC Conservatives, have interchangeable parts. Or, one size fits all.

Harper is permitting China to buy up the tar sands. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They are bringing their own people, to work their vast oil sands projects. China owns those resources, and the jobs

Same as in BC. Campbell shipped BC mills to China, along with their raw logs. This put 131,000 BC mill people out of jobs. China also owns BC mines, they are bringing their own people, to work those jobs too.

It will be a frosty Friday in hell, before the BC citizens and the F.N. people, will permit that filthy crap tar oil, coming into our province. Harper treats the BC like $!!t, well, he is going to get that right back.

Nitangae said...

Well, the Byfield clans expressed views have never been that distant from Fromm. Nor was there ever any shortage of racism in the Alberta Report.

Naberius200 said...

The person who collected the photo took it from Paul Fromm's old personal website. He had labelled it as originating in November 1999. I think it might just be a matter of someone not knowing how to program a camera.