Monday, May 12, 2014

Bad Math From Hudak? Press Release Over-Estimates Savings From Cancelling Fit Program By Factor Of 20?

Their news release can be found here. But here's a screen shot just in case they try to alter it:
Because Tom Adams, no friend of wind energy, says point 1. is just wrong:
In Tom's estimate, the real savings are a fraction of what's in the news release.  Specifically, 1/20th:
I'm not sure I trust Tom's numbers either.  I don't think, among other things, that he accounts for the legal bills that will start to mount-up when a Hudak government tries to cancel contracts.

In any case, one hopes its a screw-up, but the way these clowns have been throwing around numbers...
...they might have actually convinced themselves they will get 20 times more savings than in the best-case scenairo.

PS.  Worth noting that this story describes Tom as having drafted PC policy docs.   So if he says they screwed up, well he oughtta know.


Unknown said...

I wish the reporters would start asking Mr. Hudak questions about downloading to municipalities. It is the conservative way to hate teachers and unions of any kind.It is easy for far too many people to hate unions and public servants.If we get a conservative government again we will all feel the pain in the form of property tax hikes due to downloading again. Someone needs to ask the question over and over again. To all candidates.

Paul Kuster said...

From your previous post re cancelled contracts;
Although Trillium Power did not have an OPA power supply contract, the motion judge and the appeal judge agreed that the government has broad discretionary powers over both contracts AND regulatory approvals, and that such powers can be exercised for political purposes. In his commentary on the Trillium case, a senior legal counsel indicated that, without ALL necessary approvals, the chances of recovery against government officials are remote.

If Big Wind is pissed,point them down the hall to the what will be the Leader of the Third Party ( See Liberals)