Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lame Group Of Seven Painting Fails To Sell

And no wonder.  Five dead trees, four rocks, a cloud, and an island.  And that is it. The trees aren't even blowing over the lake as in more ambitious G-of-7 pics.  This is very shoddy work, barely up their usual "rocks and trees" standard.  Yes it has all the required elements.  Rocks.  And trees. But just barely.  Like it was phoned in.  "Throw in some rocks.  Some trees.  Add Water.  Hey presto! More than they deserve!"

And I must say I am not generally impressed by this Lawren Harris charactor.  He apparently did all his painting sitting in the same chair out back his cottage.


Steve Bloom said...

You forgot the sunbeams, speaking of which what seems to me to be most incompetent about the painting is the lighting. I'm no art critic, but to me it just screams "amateur." Do other G of 7 painters have this problem?

bigcitylib said...

They're all like that.

Steve Bloom said...

I am reminded of this.