Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mark Steyn Hires A Spy

As my readers may know, conservative political commentator Mark Steyn is in some legal trouble, having gotten himself sued by climate scientist Mike Mann.  While we should be careful to judge these things before they are done, it is fair to say that things are not going well for Mr. Steyn.  His legal arguments have been shot down at every turn; one team of lawyers have already abandoned him suspecting, perhaps, madness.

Certainly, Mark's latest activity on this file has the stench of lunacy about it.  He has hired a private investigator to follow Mike Mann around and collect "evidence" of something or other:

I'm happy to announce we're now taking it to another level. As you know, legal maneuvering and the usual procedural folderol of the sclerotic US "justice" system has delayed my efforts to get Mann deposed, discovered, and for the first time in his life up on the witness stand, testifying about the "hockey stick" under oath. So it seems to me this is an excellent time to get on with the broader campaign against the climate mullahs. Aside from the best free-speech legal team in the land, we've now taken on someone to direct this side of the investigation against Mann. He's already working full-time on the case - he was in Washington yesterday for the Congressional hearings on the IPCC, and meeting with climate scientists and others. He'll also be heading to Penn State and other places hither and yon. I've been very grateful for your suggestions since I struck out on my own five months ago, and if you've any more I hope you'll continue to send them our team...

I don't know what Mark expects to find:  Dr. Mann handing off attache cases to Russia assasins, or maybe lunching with an agent from Hydra.  But it is particularly noteworthy that he's making public the fact that he has hired someone to tail the good doc. It smacks of an attempt to intimidate. When his case finally does get to trial, I imagine this will be useful in proving malice.


Unknown said... Mark Strikes back ...@ Jeremy It should be Steyn NOT Steyne at least get that right.. LOL

bigcitylib said...

So many deserving jails. And only one Mark. I sometimes wish they could clone him so he could be imprisoned in more places.

deb said...

oh brother, poor Michael Mann, if he hasnt been harassed and beleaguered enough by this craziness.I hope he gets a huge settlement.

reneepayette said...

I can't wait for this trial to get underway...Mann is a proven liar at every turn and there is a very long line of people, many reputable climate scientists, who have had problems with him and his unethical behavior. Finally, Mann will have to show his data and work for all to analyse. He has gotten away with shielding his data so far because it will not hold up to scrutiny.

Mark Steyn took on bullies in Canada and as well, took on the Canadian government for exactly the same issue, free speech...and he won. Because of him and a few others who were willing to fight, the Canadian government changed the laws governing free speech. Steyn is right and everyone will be affected by the decision. It is a issue of freedom of speech, regardless of your political leanings. Period.

caerbannog said...

"Finally, Mann will have to show his data and work for all to analyse..."

reneepayette is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. Mann's data/work have been freely available on-line for many years.

Anyone who hasn't been able to figure that out by now doesn't deserve a polite response.

reneepayette said...

Caerbannog, Mann can't produce his raw data as he admitted in his emails to his colleagues. He 'adjusted' and massaged the how can anyone verify his work? You just wait for this trial because it is slowly seeping out the truths that we were not told, for example just today, "Scientists Admit Polar Bear Numbers Were Made Up To 'Satisfy Public Demand'

Read more:

The politics was more important than the science, so the 'science' was fixed.
We'll see in the end who was the sharpest tool in the shed and who was just a tool!