Sunday, June 17, 2007

Conservatives Cut Programs, Invest In A Big Ole Racin' Car

From the Surely You Fucking Jest department:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 17, 2007 OTTAWA - The Conservative Party today announced a partnership with Whitlock Motor Sports unveiled at the Mosport Race Track in Bowmanville, Ontario.

The partnership will include the Conservative Party of Canada logo being placed on the hood and front side panels of car number 29 in the Canadian Tire NASCAR Series.

Not satire. Some of the folks at Free Dominion have received the e-mail, and The Wife says something was on CTV. And since space on a race-car don't come for free, I imagine this is another example of "your tax dollars at work".

While the planet burns... while the health care system deteriorates... isn't it nice to know that middle-aged white men are pushing hot-wheel cars over a tile floor making VRROOOOMING!!! noises. Isn't it nice to know that one of them is your Prime Minister.

h/t to The Wife.


knb said...

Please tell me you are kidding!

leftdog said...

There are other interesting angles to this story!!!!

wilson said...

'the Conservative Party of Canada '
has lots of money to advertise and sponsor as desired.
Prefer attack ads?

Anonymous said...

wonder who the sponsors were for the F1 race in Montreal ? I bet the Province was a $$ contributor . . . you know the mega greeny quebec government.

Also, what car plants are Ontario taxpayers shoveling money at? I recall its ones making big honkin GHG spewing V8's

Go Dulton go, just keep blowing Buzz & you get a few union votes

Anonymous said...

hey dude, you live in Toronto.

Anyone of these slicks your home boys ?

Anonymous said...

'Your tax dollars at work.'

Shows what an idiot you are. Guess you are one of the few kool-aid drinkers that isn't aware the CPC is awash in cash.

Kingston said...

Who cares. Its the CPC money, if they want to spend it advertising on a stock car, thats their call.

leftdog said...

Kingston ... you really are defensive about your 'tax' dollars aren't you? And very defensive of the Conservatives. wink wink

knb said...

wilson...I never thought it would happen, but you have a point my man :).

Tim Webster said...

The seem to have a lot of money just to throw away. Where are the Conservative Party of Canada getting this huge amout money from?

Privite sponsors? Who? This needs to be uncovered. Is it BIG OIL?

Tax dollars redirected to conservative policy study groups. Which are just a way to redirect tax dollars to policy advertising?

Red Tory said...

It's little wonder that the Conservatives would pick something that's full of gas, makes a lot of noise and goes around in circles to represent themselves.

rockfish said...
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Kingston said...

Leftdog, Seriously, who cares. If they are using their party funds to target a segment of the voting base it is really up to them. So long as they are not using some dept of govt funds to pay for it then so be it. hmmm wonders if the LPC, NDP and GPC will to the same and we can use Saturday nite races instead of polls to see who is leading. LMAO

Ti-Guy said...

'the Conservative Party of Canada '
has lots of money to advertise and sponsor as desired.
Prefer attack ads?

Why should the rest of us have to choose, Wilson?

Look, if you can't handle people criticising stupid things, then I don't know why you bother reading and commenting at progressive blogs at all.

Anyway, I'd prefer it if the CPC selected a group of bodacious "Hooters" waitresses and branded their boobs with the CPC logo. Now there's a demographic they're ignoring.

Anonymous said...

I would think the CPC party would have to pay out of their donations - if not, there's a serious ethical problem here.

Bowmanville is Flaherty's area (part of Durham Region/Whitby).

I find it disgusting - and what about the CPC environment plan? All the crap spewing out of those cars.

PS: Bourque came in 13th - hope this is a sign of something to come for the CPC.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Who cares? I care. So do the majority of Canajuns who ain't NASCAR enthusiasts. The CPC has revealed its true colours and they ain't green.

I've posted today on the anti-Earth aspects of NASCAR and motorized "sport", in general.

This is just another case of the CPC saying one thing (it is concerned about the environment) while its actions say something else. NASCAR vehicles get between 2-5 miles per US gallon. A single NASCAR weekend event pumps 20-40 tons of CO2 into the air.

Even without the Bourque-CanWest connection, the sponsorship stinks.

Who cares? Anybody who cares about the future health of the planet. That seems not to include CPC donors and supporters.


Anonymous said...

Is this another Sponsorship scandal? Are they giving away free Canadian flags? Are senior conservative party members lining their pockets with this money? No?

Then stfu.

Ti-Guy said...

Another SDA redneck.

JimBobby said...

STFU? How very civilized.

I reckon it is another sponsorship scandal. The scandal ain't that money was misappropriated or used illegally. The scandal is that the CPC is so redstate-centric and out of touch with Canadian values that it endorses and sponsors an activity that is patently anti-environment.

If it were the old, pre-2007 enlightenment CPC party (you know, the one with Rona), them there'd be no scandal, no hypocrisy. The trouble is that the new CPC (you know, the eco-Everything pit bull Baird party) has been making all the right green noises while continuing to give massive tax breaks to GHG's emitters.

The party sponsorship should be an embarrassment to every Earth-loving CPC member -- a scandal. That would be the case if there actually were any Earth-loving CPC members.


Anonymous said...

Is Wilson a man? I though Sharon was a girls name.

canuckistanian said...

i for one would like to thank, from the bottom of my humourous, all cpc donors for their continuing efforts at making me laugh my mothafuckin ass off. the conservative party of canada: "paying to make shiny things go around and around in circles endlessly." you gotta love how effete elites like john baird, stephen harper, and his bum-buddies have to pretend to be stupid and low-class to get votes. its like halloween every day of the year, with harper pretending to be a cowboy (except forgetting that only the village people wear black leather assless chaps) and john baird dressing up like a heterosexual. it must get really tiring though, having to pretend to be someone you aren't in order for people to vote for you.

Kingston said...

No Jim Bobby, Maybe you are out of touch with main stream Canada on this one. There is a huge segment of the population that follows NASCAR in this country.
NASCAR has a strong fan base in Canada with 5.8 million fans, representing one out of four Canadian adults. The average Canadian NASCAR fan has been following the sport for approximately 10 years. The Canadian NASCAR fan base is truly national with fans from all across the country: British Columbia - 12%, Alberta - 11%, Manitoba/Saskatchewan - 6%, Ontario - 39%, Quebec - 24%, Atlantic Canada (made up of all Atlantic provinces) - 8%.*

Notice the percentages JB, all those rednecks in ON and Quebec.

Fighting GHG doesn't not mean we have to stop doing everything people enjoy. Go ahead run with that theory and see how much support you get from the every day Canadian. Lets get rid of our boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles and maybe we will give up camp fires at our cottages too. I believe it is statements such as yours that make it more difficult to get ordinary people on board to make the changes that are required.

As to your comment concerning Bourque being the driver they sponsored I addressed that to Buckdog and from his reply I am assuming he doesn't think it is a huge problem.

This is a copy and paste of my comment at Leftdog's site. Please remember that I have no objection to lowering GHG but telling 5.8 million Canadians they are environmental pigs is not the way to do it.