Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stockwell Day: Harper Vs. Pearson:

According to Stockwell Day in his latest, Lester B. Pearson had a "pretty good" minority run in the 1960s. Nevertheless, Stock's super proud of his own party's minority government accomplishments.

So lets do a quick comparison:

On Health Care:

Pearson introduced Universal Health Care.

The Harper Tories got some of the provinces to sign a piece of paper that said they would deal with unacceptable delays in treatment, in the fullness of time.

On Foreign Policy:

Pearson kept us out of Vietnam.

The Harper Tories sank us deeper into the quagmire that is Afghanistan.

On immigration:

Pearson established the first immigration system that was not race-based.

The Harper Tories bashed full-fledged Canadian citizens of Lebanese descent for not being Canadian enough, being too slow to dodge Israeli bombs and, in general, looking kind of swarthy.

On older Canadians:

Pearson gave us the CPP.

Harper fiddled with Seniors' tax rates.

On National Symbols:

Pearson gave us the Canadian Flag.

The Harper Tories gave us Pierre Bourque's race car decorated with the CPoC colors.

On Pearson's side of the ledger, the list goes on and on. On the side of Harper's Tories, it kind of stops short after their solemn commitment to NASCAR.


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton in deep doo-doo.

canuckistanian said...

"for being too slow in doging israeli bombs"

lol! that did seem to be the criticism though. as always, blame the victims; scapegoat others to distract people from the real issue (i.e. the so-called canadian gov't calling the bombing of its citizens (both innocent civilians and UN employees) a "measured response" sociopathic)

Ti-Guy said...

Hillary Clinton in deep doo-doo.

Heh. The cluelessness of these nonnies is starting to amuse me again.

Notice how the Conservatives don't talk about the "measured response" anymore. I wonder what it's like to be shameless?

Mike said...

To be fair, it was the Liberal that got us into Afghanistan without enough planning and forethought. If we are to make historical Viet Nam analogies, the Liberals would be Johnston.

Making Harper Nixon of course - staying on in a war well past the time is is clearly unwinnable, just so he can get his macho jollies off and make up for us not going to Iraq.

Yeah, "Support the Troops"...right, by leaving them to waste their lives in a unwinable war.

Dante said...

Pretty weak post this time BCL. One could argue that Pearson didn't take over from the most corrupt government in Canadian history who did nothing but obstruct because it thought it should be back in power immediately.

Ti-Guy said...

One could argue that Pearson didn't take over from the most corrupt government in Canadian history who did nothing but obstruct because it thought it should be back in power immediately.

This is an outright lie. You know, you dirt-bags really have to come up with some new material, because, as your favourite hysterical moment fades from your tiny minds, your lying is becoming more pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Doris is always good for a laugh.
I think it's neat that he gets out to play once in awhile. Stevie should think of letting the real gems have a go at reality. I miss the likes Art Hanger, Dianne Ablonczy, Jason 'the flabbergasted' Kenney and where of where is that 'most intelligent person in parliament' Rob Anders? Harper can't manage shit so the least he could do is keep us amused

Gayle said...

ti-guy - if they stuck with the truth they would have no excuse for Harper's poor performance in government.

What is sad is that I think some of them are deluded enough to believe it.

Ti-Guy said...

Gayle, did you read Nunc Sio's post on the pathology of conservatism?

Dunning-Kruger Effect:

"...the tendency for individuals with little knowledge to systematically think that they know more than others who have much more knowledge. Individuals experiencing the Dunning-Kruger Effect consistently fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy, and vastly overestimate their skills. Or, in the slightly more poetic phrasing of Charles Darwin, 'ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.'"

I used to accuse them of FAS a lot, but Dunning Kruger sounds more charitable, so I'm going with that.

Anonymous said...

Unity - Harper's claiming that he has made Canada more unified than it's been in 40 years (he bought Quebec remember) but, hey the 3 or more other provinces don't count in the unity equasion.

Pearson got the Nobel Peace Prize - now that's unity.

Gayle said...

I think you are right on that one ti-guy.

Besides, I deal with a lot of FAS people, and judging by Dante's post the comparison is pretty insulting to them.

Ti-Guy said...

Too true.

Trud-oh, Cretin & other Liberal hosers said...

ADSCAM . . . maybe $100 million still missing. Taxpayers ripped off by crooks.

Liberals still looking for the bags of cash.

Canadians won't forget.

Canadians know how to pick out the crooks in a crowd.

They will determine how history records the Liberals under Cretin.

They only defenders are the liberals Deniers, those with a lip lock on the funds, those who defend and make excuses for the criminal behavior of those who still proudly call themselves Liberals those who the Canadian taxpayer find disgusting.

The Deniers . . . BCL, ti-guy etc and other Liberal Party loving misfits.

make the rest of us wanna puke.

Ti-Guy said...

Actually, puking and diarrhea...All of us think you wingnut miseries need to de-toxify...big time.

Purge, baby, purge!

Dante said...


First of all, I don't think Harper has been performing well and I'm not going to defend his performance. I will however point out the performance of the clowns that have the gonads to believe they can loot the treasury and be back in power immediately after. Money was diverted to Liberal party coffers and we are to believe that no Liberal was involved? Why isn't even one part official in jail?

There are lies being told and Ti-Guy et al are the ones telling telling them with mock outrage.

Ti-guy. I though gay men were generally happy. Did your mate bitch slap you again?

Chip said...

Adscam is one great legacy, boys.

Sad that BigSillyLib prefers to gloss over the criminal behaviour of members of his party by focusing on the warm afterglow of the long-ago Pearson era.

And then there was the two Sons of Adscam, Ontario's own Lottogate and BC's Basigate.

Interesting that some of the same players from Adscam, Lottogate, and Basigate, remain at the epicenter of Stephane Dion's Liberal leadership.

Ah, yes, the Pearson era ... those were the days ...