Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Told Ya! Huh? Huh? Didn't I Tell Ya?

Liberals still even with Tories despite bad news.

The Conservative 33-31 per cent national lead in the latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey falls within the margin of error. The NDP is at 16 per cent and the Green party is at 10.

And despite whiny boy's best efforts, this poll actually has the Libs UP on the Tories in Quebec:

The overall numbers in that province show the Bloc Quebecois at 31 per cent, the Liberals at 23 per cent, the Tories at 22 per cent, and the NDP at 13 per cent.

Oh, but don't listen to old BCL. Spank yourselves more, Liberals! Don't let ME get in the way of your dreams of defeat and futility!


Ti-Guy said...

In Ontario, the Liberals led the Tories 38-33, while they were ahead 33-29 in B.C., and 41-29 in Atlantic Canada.

So...basically, the Tories are doing well in the itty bitty parts of Canada that hate Canada?

Take a bow, Harpie. You're performing miracles for Canadian unity.

Dan McKenzie said...

Hate Canada?

What the heck? Manitoba for one doesn't hate Canada.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are actually better for the Liberals. If you consider how efficient the Liberal vote is in Ontario and Quebec, and you throw in the usual NDP/Green leakage in a tight race, Dion may already be in minority government territory.

No wonder Harper decided to kiss the Press ass today. Huffed and puffed all the way across the road, he did. Funny that.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys getta life.
You can't actually read and analyse every poll and newsbit about cons, libs, dippers et al as you portray on your personal blogs do ya?
It's like hearing every freekin' day...the dollar's up/the dollar's down...and we're talkin' fractions of a cent here.
An election will come when it comes and we'll all take part and the chips will fall where they may.
Now give us more of those freaky looking animals that'cha like so much Big Libby!

Prairie dog said...


You're an ignoramus. Prarie folk are as patriotic as they come.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, the liberal party has good members and nomines, they should go for it, and defeat this pro american harpie, this guy is passing himself off as a liberal, and waiting for a chance at a majority and then we will see his true color, but it will be to late, I still believe, that once dion is unleashed with trudeau rae and ignatif, so on....he will surprise those in the media who has basically pass him off as dead.

Anonymous said...

the prairies are the soft touch of canada, I think that what some mean with their statements is that, like other places, u have angry people who u cant please, its just that the main media concentrates to much on them only, thats who u should be pissed at, to my view, all canadians vote as canadians, freely.

900 ft Jesus said...

despite the talk of dissent within the Lib party, the exaggerated reports of crushing defeat in QC by-elections, the non-stop attack ads against them, the Libs are holding.

Despite hiring top Republican consultants (and maybe because of it), despite shit-eating grin announcements of a surplus (maybe because of them since they trashed the Libs for that very thing often enough), despite using the Afghan sitiuation as an excuse for cheering on your favourite team and show that team loyalty, no gain for Stevie.

I was smiling.

BCL is right. Stick with Dion, show a strong, united force. I am looking forward to the House sitting.

Anonymous said...

And who says Liberals are ideological automatons who will always vote Liberal regardless of leadership, scandal, vote-rigging, anti-semitism, sexist practises, criminal activity, and just plain old stupid and ridiculous ideas?

Ti-Guy said...

And who says Conservatives are ideological automatons who will always vote Conservative regardless of leadership (Day, then Harper...*snick*), scandal, vote-rigging (as in breaking campaign spending rules), anti-semitism (the Reformies were filled to the brim with KKK'ers), sexist practises (show us yer tits Guergis and smile prettily, Rona...and remember...nice girls don't make waves), criminal activity (campaign financing), and just plain old stupid and ridiculous ideas (ie political conservatism as a whole)?

There. Fixed. It really does sound more accurate this way.