Sunday, December 30, 2007

Feds Spying On The Newfs?

A statement obviously intended to build bridges between the Harper and Williams' governments:

"There are times I'm sure I know as much as what's going on in cabinet and caucus or on the eighth floor as the premier does," said Hearn, referring to Williams's office in Confederation Building in St. John's.

"I always do. That's why we can always be one step ahead of him," Hearn said.

You see why Harper likes his ministers to keep their mouths shut?


Anonymous said...

My, my....the paranoid dictator has decided to stick spies in the governments of the provinces. Bring on an election. This tubby loser has got to be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Danny Williams' signature accomplishment is getting Newfies hated more than Quebeckers across Canada, no mean feat.

What an utterly contemptible society that would claim Canada has been a drain on it, rather than the reverse.

What a slap in the face of Canadians who have sacrificed for decades to ship barrels of cash to Newfoundland in order to maintain anything resembling a first world standard of living.

They don't even acknowledge that we helped them, let alone thank us. Dirty pigs. Canada is not a country and never was.

Victory is sooooo sweet said...

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.

Harper does it again. Now we know how he forced Blabbermouth Danny to fold like a cheap seat and accept the revised provincial cash transfer plan.

go Steve go.

But goes easy on Dion 'cause he's just a little boy in a man's game.

Ti-Guy said...

BCL, I'm starting to think you write a lot of these anonymous comments yourself.

Anonymous said...

Does Canada even make the top 25 list of countries? I don't think so. Off the top of my head the following countries are superior (which is to say better place to live) to Canada:

-Costa Rica
-New Zealand
-Hong Kong
-South Korea

There are others.

It's a myth that Canadian crime is low. Prices are very high here and so are taxes. Every day the government gets away with doing something goofier and goofier. Can't raise a family here. East Bloc countries have greater freedom of expression than Canadians have.

Employment equity means any white anglo male is looking at a lifetime of discrimination and contempt. Finally, the weather is simply uninhabitable for months at a time.

Canada cannot be justified, at least not rationally. It is a bad country with bad weather and bad people with bad morals who advocate bad policies. Had Williams kept his mouth shut I and other Canadians might let the charade continue.

The outflow of people from the UK and other countries in response to nanny state encroachment is well documented. There is no reason why this won't happen in Canada; on the contrary, this "country" has been running on borrowed time for too long.

Fuck Canada and fuck Canadians. Shitty meek losers afraid of your own shadows.

Ti-Guy said...

Note change of person within same comment:

"I and other Canadians might let the charade continue."


"Fuck Canada and fuck Canadians. Shitty meek losers afraid of your own shadows."

Nice try, Yankee Doodle, but really don't bother. The general illiteracy and ignorance will always give you away.

Anyway, I'm never cold here. I always have plenty of Stars 'n Stripes to throw on the fire.

andrew said...

Whatever it is that Harper's doing in Atlantic Canada it seems to be working if one looks at the recent polls.

Dion of course it doing his part as well, in depressing the traditional Liberal vote I mean.

I hate to break it to you Ti-guy but it looks like 2008 will be another year with the Tories still in power in Ottawa, whether an election is called or not.

My friendly advice to you and the other left-wing politicos: get out and enjoy life a little, politics isn't everything even though left-wing pinkos like you think it should permeate every facet of human existence. Go see a movie, go out to a restaurant, volunteer some time to a worthy non-political cause.

However, should you choose to stay behind your keyboard and keep abreast of the latest political news in the upcoming year, be forewarned my friend: it'll depress you to no end and may exacerbate your drinking problem.

Lighten up dude, with Harper in charge we're in good hands, indeed the world is a better place since he took the helm.

Anonymous said...

Canada has the fifth highest rape rate in the world, over 50% higher than 6th place Jamaica.

Can you see why? This one's multiple choice:

a)Canada, largely comprised of boring, pussy whipped white guys named Gord and Graham, secretly is a rapey kind of society.

b)Canada has a pretty sketchy definition of rape.

Ti-Guy said...

I hate to break it to you Ti-guy but it looks like 2008 will be another year with the Tories still in power in Ottawa, whether an election is called or not.

I'm fine with them in a minority. They can't do anything (and haven't done anything) and the longer they stay, the completely the neoconservatism is exposed.

I want that pernicious brand of politics destroyed.

And your assertions are bullshit, by the way, but you know that, since you're a fraud.

It doesn't matter what your perception of reality is. It will assert itself and as we all know, the neocons can't deal with reality.

Anonymous said...

TiGuy: this is Canada. There is no such thing as a neocon in Canada. Only an America-obsessed television watcher would use such a term. Might as well call him a neowhizzerwazzer.

Is there a single person in Canada capable of speaking more than two sentences without referencing America? Buncha fucking wannabes.

bigcitylib said...

Anon 9:02 wrote:

"Is there a single person in Canada capable of speaking more than two sentences without referencing America?"

The real question is, is there a single person in America capable of speaking more than two sentences without secretly dreaming of Canada? Free health care, hockey, chicks from Cape Breton....

I think not, poor bastards.

Anonymous said...

"...chicks from Cape Breton"???

I must be missing something.

Ti-Guy said...

There is no such thing as a neocon in Canada. Only an America-obsessed television watcher would use such a term.

I avoid American culture like the plague. I don't travel there anymore, I don't watch American news and lately the only American television I watch is The Simpsons and maybe NOVA once in a while.

The only way I find out about it is by hearing neoconservative Canadians parroting Republican talking-points to the extent that I get the impression they've forgotten what country they live in.

And if you weren't such a liar, you'd admit that.

...By the way, only Americans (and maybe Albertans) say wizzerwhazzer

Anonymous said...

"Free health care"

Only in Canada could someone be so...special as to have health premiums introduced in his province and him still think health care is free.

Do we need to put up a billboard on the DVP which says in big letters "WE ARE TAXING YOU BILLIONS FOR THE SPECIFIC PURPOSE OF HEALTH CARE" before you might concede that health care is not in fact "free"? BC has had health premiums for years, that's not free.

Incidentally, it is difficult to conceive of a more regressive tax than the McGuinty health premium. By capping it at $30k income rich people "freeroll" on their income over $30k.

Not content to raise taxes on the poor, McGuinty decides to give corporate tax breaks annually equal to the amount the health premiums raise, $2.6 billion.

I'll say this slowly: McGuinty raised taxes on the poor, and only the poor, to give corporations billions in tax breaks. And not a single person in Canada other than me noticed or cared.

Ti-Guy said...

Has Flaming Panties gone anonymous again?

What is UP with that?

Anonymous said...

I see Liberal appointee Fantino wants to criminalize driving into a snowbank now. Police appear to be tasering unarmed 17 year old boys and others "ten times a day" in some cities, according to a police spokesperson. "Beer Store"s. And is that "negative option" organ donor/bodysnatcher thing law yet?

Impressive province, Ontario. Stepped in a history of revolution such as That Guy Who Swung A Pitchfork At The Other Guy In 1837, it is no wonder that Ontario is the oasis of liberty that it is today.

Len said...

It's amazing how conveniently ignorant people are. How about reading up on history before making broad generalizations about entire groups of people. I'm amazed you know how to type, schizo-anon.

RuralSandi said...

The anon that is so nasty and critical has to be insecure. It's a fact that when people are insecure they look for faults in others.

Probably a loser.

I don't hate Americans (my gr-grandfather was American), but I certainly feel sorry for them right now - what a mess.

My gr-grandfather came in the mid-1800's for the "better" life and was glad he did.

Scotian said...

BTW, there is such a thing as a neocon in Canadian politics, since neoconservativism is rooted in the writings of Leo Strauss and therefore any other political school also rooted in Leo Strauss's writings is a fair comparison to being neocon in nature. Guess what? The Calgary School of political thought, of which Harper and his inner coterie/circle all happen to be members of, is also rooted in the writings of Leo Strauss. Therefore calling Harper and his brand of conservativism neocon is entirely accurate, appropriate, and rooted in hard fact.

I guess though those that are too ignorant of things like what the political philosophy of the leader they so clearly support is are also too ignorant to grasp any of this. What a shock. I just love this attempt to equate concerns over a radical American conservativism (and it is radical even in the American political context, which means in ours it is that much more radical than it is in its original context) influencing our politics to being anti-American. Since when is it anti-American to distrust the political movement that has taken the American Constitution and used it as toilet paper and turned a decentralized power structure into a near dictatorship by the President where the President is above the law and the Constitutional powers determined by over two hundred years of precedent? Indeed, I would argue it is anti-American to support such inherently anti-American practices let alone having those dangerous anti-American practices imported into our country and embraced by any political party as they have been by the Harper CPC.

Try learning things before shooting your mouth off if you want to be taken with any seriousness/credibility anonymice, for it is far too easy to shred such nonsense as I have done here.

Anonymous said...

"Psst. It seems that Newfies like to drink and play the fiddle. Pass it on."