Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hottest July Ever?

Though Dr. Spencer tells us, via Roger Pielke Sr., that the readings might be skewed a tad high by satellite drift, nevertheless it looks very much as though July 2009 will go into the record books as the hottest July ever recorded on a worldwide basis. Note that the yellow line represents July 2005, and that the deep red line for July 1998 remains buried in the pack. These two years, depending on where the numbers come from, are generally considered to be the hottest on record.
Whatever the final July ranking, it seems pretty clear (as Roger Pielke Jr. suggests here) that the notion that the planet is going through a phase of global cooling is no longer sustainable.

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Anonymous said...

Yup . . channel 4. Means the oceans are cooling off faster than expected and transferring heat to the near surface layer.

Nice bit of cherry picking though . . . you'll fool a lot of people into thinking your graph shows planetary temperature.

Keep it up and maybe you to can get on the Global Warming funding gravy train.