Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Lost Ipsos Poll

Tories (37%) Maintain Lead over Grits (30%)

Ottawa, ON – In a week where the Conservative government delivered its budget, a new Ipsos Reid poll conducted exclusively on behalf of CanWest News Service and Global Television reveals that the Conservatives are maintaining their lead over the Liberal Party.

Saw nothing of this in the major newspapers, perhaps because there is very little change from the previous (Feb. 15 release) Ipsos poll . FWIW, both major parties are up a point from that survey, and since I have seen nothing on-line about this I haven't a clue what the other parties are doing.


Steve V said...


That link is for Feb 26, which happens to be the same day the budget was released. Funny that the text used past tense on the budget, when the poll had to have been done prior to it's release.

Can't wait for the first post-Cadman poll.

Anonymous said...

"Can't wait for the first post-Cadman poll."

As I said in a comment on the post below, the only people who care about the so-called Cadman story are the Red Star and the CBC both chock full of left-lib hacks. They're doing there best to help their Liberal political masters but they're serving up some pretty thin gruel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve V,

I note your blog has the humble sub-title that reads like a disclaimer - "A collection of incoherent rants on all things political."

Here's a prediction based on coherent political analysis: guaranteed that the Tory numbers will increase as a result of the budget and the fact that, as Jim Travers grumbles today in the Toronto Star, the Tories are increasingly taking over the "central political space".

Mudraking may distract and give hope to a disillusioned base but the voting public could care less.

Gayle said...

Oooh BCL, clearly you are getting under the skin of the control brigade.

Andrew and Frances chime in with their off topic rants yet again.

As for the poll, I would guess there would have been a bump for the cons post-budget, more due to the negative press for the libs than anything else, but that bump has surely been negated by the Cadman affair.

Gayle said...

That should be "con-troll" brigade.

Ti-Guy said...

As I said in a comment on the post below...

Don't waste the energy referring to specific posts and comments. You say the SAME THING in every comment, AndrewBiffrances.

biff said...

While I'm flattered in being considered a larger than life omnipotent force (which of course is all true),

I am not frances or andrew.

Thank you, and carry on with your fear and loathing of the all powerful Biff..........(cue the imperial theme music)

Ti-Guy said...

I am not frances or andrew.

The issue is that it doesn't matter.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I know biff from before, he used to post under multiple aliases, basically sock-puppeting himeself until he was busted on it, he got sloppy posting from the same IP in the same afternoon - he said it was a proxy, only thing is that it was traced to a residential hookup quite easily.

Not sure he's on the CPC's payroll for 'internet community building' - yes some inside the CPC do call propaganda that if you can believe it - but I wouldn't put it past him, goes with his political leaning if you know what I mean.