Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take The Skinheads Bowling

Given the day's events and what they may portend, I recalled my favorite "Nazi friendly" tune, which dares to ask the question: what do you do when you find skinheads on your lawn? Here is Camper Van Beethoven:

(PS. When I saw these guys back in the early 1980s they also played a wonderful, countrified version of the Clash's "White Riot", which doesn't seem to have made Youtube.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of the clear continuum of unathletic loser geeks from rich families overcompensating for the mediocrity by obnoxiously venerating English\indie bands, and growing up to be hybrid Norbert the Narc-meets-Simon Wiesenthal KlöwnNaziHünteren.

I'd forgotten the "root cause" of Section 13 and HRC's: mods. Target on back of green parka wearing mods, and their "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!" buttons. The same goofs who "fought" imaginary "Nazi" Punk teenagers (now rebranded as Goths) back in the early 80s are now, twenty five years later, "fighting" the scourge of "Nazis", most of whom are CSIS agents.

We thought you were ridiculous a quarter century ago, and we still think you are ridiculous.

Ti-Guy said...
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Ti-Guy said...

We thought you were ridiculous a quarter century ago, and we still think you are ridiculous.

Someone needs to get over the high school trauma. C'mon...it was almost 30 years ago. You have better hair now, your skin's cleared up, you've had sexual congress at least three times...

Move on.

Anonymous said...

"You have better hair now"

I wish. I'm not sure if I want to go with the full Moby "urban toupee" or not, I might be too butch looking to pull it off and get mistaken for a "skinhead". Maybe if I stick earphones in my ears? Red laces or white? I forget.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm not sure if I want to go with the full Moby "urban toupee" or not...

You can't possibly have been around in the early 80's to even care about that now.

Face it...young people are silly. It's the arrested development that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

"Face it...young people are silly. "

Welcome to conservatism! Now, to get to level two conservatism, I need to see a tax cut proposal. Ask an elder to help you with it; not a Canadian elder though, since they are statistically more supportive of the socialist Liberal Party than young people.

Ti-Guy said...

Welcome to conservatism!

You missed my point, which was about arrested development, a quality that is pathological among so-called conservatives, and has been since the "Reagan calls his wife 'mommy'" days.

Arrested development is about the only thing the Right is consistent about...they lie like teenagers, their limited emotional range runs from overexuberant to hissy to pouty to vindictive, they're uninterested in anything that takes longer than 30 seconds to elaborate, they support each other like life's some sort of high school pep rally, their sense of satire and parody is puerile, and their religious beliefs have descended into primitive superstition and an obsession with eschatology.

They are profoundly ignorant...unacquainted with reality through either study or experience.

All things being equal, I should have become a more committed conservative at this point, but since 9/11, I've come to realise that conservatism, at its most fundamental, is profoundly irrational and corrupt.

The failure all around is plain to see, and no amount of tax cutting is going to change that, I'm afraid.

On the plus side, they're good at shopping. Whenever I need advice on where to buy something particularly useless, I'll ask a "conservative."