Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trout Fishermen Of Ancient Ontario

A neat little story about an underwater "structure" discovered in MacDonald Lake, Ontario:

Subsequent dives closely examined the structure for any signs of the use of tools, decorative images or other irregularities, to no avail. The thick layer of silt covering the vertical surfaces suggests that certainly within living memory no human has ever touched the structure. The geologists pointed to a dramatic drought, which gripped Eastern North America between 9000 and 7000 BCE. Conditions were so dry during that time that lake levels in the Great Lakes were up to 50 meters lower and inland lakes, like McDonald Lake, which were still fed by spring melt and summer rain water, were assumed several dozen feet lower than their present water levels.

And why then, at a time when so few humans roamed Ontario, would they pick remote MacDonald Lake for a stone cairn, especially such a large, elaborate one? Here is where the biologist pointed to the conclusion of his 30 years of research: McDonald Lake is home to an ancient, glacial relic lake trout, which had survived several bouts of glaciation and retained unique features, which allowed it to survive, where other fish had perished. From his records, he could also add that McDonald Lake, in prehistoric times was not a lake, but part and north-westerly end-point of an ancient river system which, for millennia, funnelled glacial meltwater south into what was then mighty Lake Agassis.

While many questions remain, it is very intriguing to imagine a small band of early humans, camped on the shores of a remote lake where today modern man camps and catches trout, just as his ancestors did thousands of years ago.

I've written occasioanally on Paleo-Ontario. Here's another post here.


Anonymous said...

Right. Grey's Anatomy aficionado Big City Liberal lecturing a paleo-conservative on Ancient Ontario. Right.

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Anonymous said...

This story is impossible. There was no industrialised society 9,000 years ago to emit the CO2 to cause the drought. Because ONLY man-made CO2 causes climate catastrophes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55 pm, your comment will be lost on bcl's readers. They'll think you are a Mason, and have no idea at all of why you would be hovering over a stove with the blinds closed.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Brant, leader of Six Nations Reserve, was a freemason who started one of the very first Mason lodges in what is now Ontario, see his wiki entry. The Six Nations reserve was originally Mississauga territory "bought" under unusual circumstances by the crown to be "given" to the (American) Six Nations who had no historical claim to the land.

It was illegal for British subjects to lease from non-British subjects, which artificially depressed the value of the Halimand tract, especially when their New York bretheren were relatively affluent via their land sales.

The lame excuse for the Caledonia terrorism is that women were the real title holders to the Halimand tract and did not authorize the sales. Feminist revisionism on an unprecedented scale, rooted in materialism, of course, veiled in deceit.

Ti-Guy said...

How of the first times at BCL's where it's actually worth it to just sit back and observe the 'tard parade.

You should experiment by posting on a wider variety of completely non-political, totally uncontroversial issues BCL to see how the wingnut muse Cretinia responds.

Anonymous said...

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Ti-Guy said...

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bigcitylib said...


Not on this occasion.

HammertimeGP said...

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Anonymous said...

There was also a drastic drought on the Prairies about 1850 or so, in the area called the Palliser? Pallister? Triangle. Railway surveyors ran the rail lines north to avoid this area devoid of water and wildlife. 10 years later, another surveyor couldn't understand what the previous guy was talking about - the area teemed with potholes full of water, wildlife, grasses, etc.

Then of course the drought in the 1930s. All before significant CO2 emissions by Man.

Anonymous said...

How did the lake level change so much?