Saturday, August 02, 2008

Your Daily Nazi: Nazis Clued In Quicker Than Ezra's Legal Team

A follow-up to yesterday's Daily Nazi. Back in 2006, Stormfront regulars discussed the ARA network protest outside Paul Fromm's place, and speculated on the notion that Warman might have rented a bus for that gang of anarchist ragamuffins. Canadian Warrior said:

ARA (the supposed good guys), are nothing but a bunch of drug addicted thugs, who should be persecuted to the full extent of the law! Based on them thanking Mr.Warman with that sign... did he mastermind this?

To which William Tell replied:

I doubt Warman really had anything to do with it. He isn't so stupid that he's going to allwo them to use his name even if he did sanction it. In spite of their obvious heavy drug use, ARA members likely aren't that stupid either. They know that the name "Warman" causes a reaction. I suspect that they just want to stir up crap by using his name and get our blood boiling.

The Nazis knew the score in 2006, and made a deliberate decision: fuck it, lets lie! Two years later, people (named Ezra) are still falling for the lie.

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Marcello said...

The nazis will always lie even to their own allies to try to make themselves look good, Levant makes himself look very foolish by giving any credence to what these fools say.