Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free Dominon Hosts Win George Orwell Free Speech Award!

Congratulations Mark and Connie!

Hosted by Doug Christie, some of the other Free Speech heroes in attendance included Marc Lemire, Paul Fromm, Bruce Montague, and Arthur Topham. Barbara Kulaszka was there via conference call. Terry Tremaine was close to everyone's heart. Prospect Lake Community Hall, at 5358 Sparton Road, off West Saanich Road, hosted the ceremony if anyone wants to send them an email congratulating them on providing space for such august personages.


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

It is an interesting dillema, no?

So often, the most offensive, for obvious reasons, are the most vocal about their right to speak.

But isn't that the way?

Are we that lost that Liberals and Conservatives actually disagree on the importance of free speech in the abstract? Why not start with that, and then, ask yourself, if we left the CHRC as it presently stands, would you be happy giving the reigns to control that process, to decide what "hate" is to Marc Lemire?

I sure as hell wouldn't and I'm thinking that neither would you. So why create a weapon that can't possibly be assured to be kept out of irresponsible hands when the price of its misuse is so high?

I love the quote from a Democrat of all things:

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. ~John F. Kennedy

Robert McClelland said...

So often, the most offensive, for obvious reasons, are the most vocal about their right to speak.

That's just not true. There are plenty of people who are not offensive whose free speech rights are being trampled. That the Free Screechers so often choose to defend the offensive ones is nothing more than an example of the type of speech and people they're willing to defend.

Mitka said...

Wow what a surprise and what a wonderful group to be aligned with. Imagine partying with Paul and Dougie and Terry and Barb...I'm sure a heil and hearty time was had by all

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Perhaps, Robert, though I haven't seen a lot of prominent free speech advocates from the right asserting that views they don't agree with aren't entitled to the same protection.

My point, however, is that those who may be offended by Ezra Levant or Mark Steyn, I think throw the baby out with the bathwater in opposing repeal or significant amendment of Section 13.

I'd prefer, personally, to be counted with those who say, not just Marc Lemire, but anti-Israeli Palestinians, anti and pro-abortion protesters, Greenpeace (within the bounds of the law), EVERYONE deserves to be able to express their views, as much as I might be offended.

And that includes the sort of demented minds who think that the white race are the chosen people and such ignorant dreck.

Better to hold them up to ridicule than to make martyrs of them.

Ti-Guy said...

Here's a video clip of the live entertainment.

bigcitylib said...


I think if you look you'll see that I have supported a number of reforms to s13 and HRC conduct (like teaming up at the national and prov. level to prevent forum shopping). Not that any of the reforms were first suggested by me.

Harry Abrams said...

This definitely cements the Fourniers' formal induction into a not-so-exclusive club.

Other honorees have been David Irving (the police raised Christie's meeting in 1991 because Irving was in Canada illegally) Doug Collins,Paul Fromm, James Keegstra, Malcolm Ross, and in 2008, a priest who testified on behalf of Michael Seifert who has since been extradited to Italy,where he was convicted in absentia for crimes against humanity in WW2, namely the shooting massacre of over 300 civilian hostages.

The first recipient of this award, Gary Botting, himself a lawyer who
represented the League in 1986,eventually returned the award & left the group denouncing it as
"a front for an antisemitic, pro-Nazi agenda."


Harry Abrams said...

P.S.: Per above, I forgot to include the fact that Ernst Zundel also received the Orwell award.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

BCL.. thanks for the advice regarding your own views. Sometimes it just strikes me that we get so wrapped up in our parties fortunes, that we argue for or against things that, deep down, we actually don't disagree with..

Though I would agree completely with the sentiment that the "Orwell Prize" is, judging from the company it keeps, no group I would like to have at my table..

But the stupid thing with free speech is so often the most odious speakers are the one's who challenge our commitment to freedom.

Reality Bites said...

If I recall correctly (and I do), Little Sister's bookstore in Vancouver has been fighting the government on free speech issues for decades, even winning their case in the Supreme Court only to have the government ignore the ruling.

Yet I don't recall Levant and Steyn taking up their cause in the 25 years or so they've had the opportunity to do so. Ditto such free speech warriors as the Fourniers, Lemire or anyone else.

Let's be quite clear. The only speech any of these people are remotely interested in defending is hate speech against minorities. Period. Their freedom loving extends ONLY to the advocacy of restricting other people's freedom.

There are certainly restrictions on the freedom of speech in our society that I care deeply about. And once those are taken care of I might just give a flying fuck about the rights of people to advocate killing homosexuals and Jews.

But probably not. Fuck the Fourniers. Fuck Levant. Fuck Steyn. Fuck Lemire. May those sick fucks all rot in hell.

Ti-Guy said...

Off topic...

Good news! The only real online journalist in Canada ditches right wing cretin fest for the CBC.

Ti-Guy said...

Yet I don't recall Levant and Steyn taking up their cause in the 25 years or so they've had the opportunity to do so.

I can't even recall when any of them has even addressed the charge that they seem rather selective in their defence of freedom of expression, precisely when it comes to this issue, which is a case true censorship.

So yeah...fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Ernst Zundel once win this award?

bigcitylib said...

Yes, sue.