Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Because Cops Need Jobs Too

Normally, on a warm summer weekend, I would spend my time cruising downtown TO's used bookstore-strips, now in tragic decline due to the Internet and a general increase in stupidity, and then reading my new-bought treasures at some local sports-bar, dressed pretty much like this guy here (except that I would be wearing one of my many, many pairs of sports sandals, because way back when when everyone wore sandals and stuck flowers in their hair was a Golden Age and you youth of today, with your green hair and nose rings and your tattoos and that shitty music.... all suck magnificently).

But not this weekend, with the G8/G20 lock-down in force. The wife and I are off to Ottawa because she's allergic to the smell of tear-gas and they've got book-stores in Ottawa and its a nice cultural center that's less than a plane-ride away. (Wish they had better restaurants, though)

Anyone around over the weekend that wants to quaff a few beers, email me at bigcitylib@hotmail.com and we'll see what might transpire. I think I've rigged up something Sunday afternoon with Balbulican, Marie Eve, and Dr. Dawg himself, who will, for a small fee, actually let you touch that crazy mustache. I won't reveal the location until later, and privately, to avoid assassins and unwanted press attention, but it will be somewhere near the market.



Shiner said...

Whooooaaaa now. Better restaurants!? You're obviously missing out. Domus, Beckta, Murray Street, Sweetgrass, Navarra, Benitz, Allium, Wellington, Absynthe, Play, Atelier, Fraser Cafe. You sir, are not looking hard enough.

Jerome Bastien said...

Well I have to agree with Shiner, these are some fine dining establishments, but they come with a corresponding price tag. Specially Beckta. I would recommend "Play" from Shiner's list, I went recently and it was just delicious, reasonably priced, and not too filling - they do small portions but I was satisfied with appetizer, entree and dessert.

For cheaper yet great grub:

The Shawarma Palace (Rideau St. near Chapel)
Jadeland (Somerset St. W near Bronson)

Balbulican said...

Not so crazy about Domus (it used to be good, but I think they're slipping), but the rest of his list is brilliant (especially Sweetgrass, for something really unusual). May I respectfully add the reborn Black Cat Café on Preston to the list?

jkg said...

If I may chime in:

Wellington Gastropub, and if you are really into the weird and wacky, there is a place near Preston street, called Atelier that specializes in molecular gastronomy. 88 dollars sounds a lot, but it is a 12 course set up (but small portion sizes).


Also, if you are looking for something endemic to Ottawa and really, really, like burgers, there is always the Works.

By the way, Play, I believe, is owned by the same person who owns Beckta (I think).

Oh, and, this weekend is the Jazz Festival at Confederation Park should you be looking for something to do.