Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something You'll Probably See Alot Of Over The Next Little While

On June 16, 2010, the following post appeared on under the new thread title "Apology to Richard Warman"

"In 2007, I published on the Internet material that attacked the personal and professional reputation of Richard Warman. These attacks were unjustified and I retract and apologize for them without reservation."

“Andrew Spencer (Droid1963)”

Its the kind of thing you do when, I suspect, your lawyer tells you the defamation case against you will crush you soul and you will lose. Something the NP figured out a couple of months ago.


Mitka said...

It starts with a trickle and will end with a flood...I can hardly wait for Ezra Lerant's apology...not that this should end the matter, given the vile personal attacks I hope there is also a large libel penalty in the form of dollars.

Reality Bites said...

I notice the thread was immediately locked. Why are Connie and Mark suppressing people's right to free speech?

bigcitylib said...

Interesting. It was gone for awhile. Guess they didn't want it on the front page. Upset the morale of the troops.

Terrence said...

There's a snarky (I think?) addition from Connie. Accusing Droid of being a sellout, I'm assuming.

I warned 'em to stay away from the personal attacks on you-know-who, but did they listen? Of course not.