Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fake Lake, Free Booze!

“It’s really pathetic,” said one staffer. “It’s almost like a wading pool for kids — and not a very good one.”

The good news is the canoes surrounding “Piggies Cove” are beautiful.

And, even better, is news the bar that’s been set up for the fine people of the media — all ready to serve local Ontario beer and wine to journalists, for free of course — is spectacular.

Free Booze + journalists + proximity to water = seeds of tragedy. Hopefully, everyone will pass out face-up.

Also, I think maybe I've tried one variety of Ontario wine and found it highly chewable. Stick with the Streamwhistle, media folk.

PS. You wouldn't believe how many images google kicks up when you search for "drunk journalists".

PPS. Shania Twain will be singing at the G20: that's definitely a "drink until the darkness claims you" moment.

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