Friday, June 04, 2010

Tories Limp On Crime

From the Young Liberals Of Canada, who've already given similar treatment to the NDP.


CfSR said...

Put them in Baird's riding.

It would be fun to see his response.

ridenrain said...

It's a hunting rifle..Why are they against people who hunt?

Gayle said...

People never use hunting rifles to commit crime?

Never ever ever ever?

I did not know that.

Or maybe this is yet another conservative making stuff up to support his tenuous position.

Gene Rayburn said...

Come on Ridenrain, that is such a weak straw man argument. You're car is registered and licensed and thus on a registry.

Since you obviously support that, then why are you against drivers?

Sometimes your stupidity is more astounding than usual.

Derrick Bird used a shotgun and a 22 calibre rifle last week in the UK. Aren't those hunting rifles?

Guess your point is moot.

RuralSandi said...

Ah, yes, killing animals for sport.

Anyway, ridenrain - can you guarantee every hunter is free of drinking problems, domestic abuse or temper problems?

ridenrain said...

The UK has one of the strongest gun control programs in the western world and it didn't stop Derrick Bird. How can you assume that our flawed registry would do any better? Keep in mind that only 1/2 of Canada's legal long guns are registered. That does not even scratch the vast number of illegal handguns that criminals prefer.

Gene Rayburn said...

Ridenrain, the UK doesn't have a gun registry. Who says this couldn't be prevented with a gun registry?

Your strawman arguments are getting more flimsy.

ridenrain said...

..almost as flimsy as the idea that criminals are going to use a $1000 rifle with a $1000 scope, shooting $10 bullets to go on a mad criminal rampage.

Gene Rayburn said...

not that flimsy because it happened in the UK.

Stupidity seems to be a continuing trend with you Ridenrain.

I think the fumes in your garage are getting to you.

ridenrain said...

Is that what happened? I think you need to read that news story again.

Gene Rayburn said...

Ridenrain that is most definitely not a response.

Think Ridenrain think! You can do it (for once)

Gene Rayburn said...

Hmm the topic of this post was about the posters done by the Young Liberals. What exactly are you reading into it Ridenrain?