Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stockwell Day: Greatest Hits, 2007

Because its a slow news day, I thought I would issue a quick compilation of the most startling, shocking, unintentionally hilarious, and downright scary things that our current Minister of Public Safety has written in his Penticton Western column thus far in 2007.

- In December 2006 (okay I'm cheating a bit with the dates), Stockwell refers to Eastern Canadians as "spearchuckers". The question arises: is Stockwell a racist, or does he know what the words mean?

- In February, Stockwell proposes a "ratline" for unstable gun owners.

The system could be used if "either their friends or family or a doctor notices, or is concerned, that a person is becoming unbalanced," Day said...

- Also in February, Stockwell suggests to his male readers that buying their wife/girlfriend a Valentine's gift might get them laid.

- In March, Mr Day's paleontological views are vindicated by the newly launched Conservapedia. Shame on you, Kinsella: you slandered a prophet!

- Also in March, Stockwell discourses on the glories of the wild turkey. Short version: they's damn fine eatin'!. (Note: yes I'm cheating in that this does not come from his weekly column. Sue me.)

- Also in March, Stockwell blames the Republic of Haiti for Canada's Cystal Meth problem.

- In April, Mr. Day spills secret information on Canadian fortifications to the Taliban.

- Not from his column, but here's a picture of our Public Safety Minister cavorting with terrorists.

- Also from April, evidence that Stockwell has gone Commie?

- From May, some bad poetry from Mr. Day.

- From later in May, Stockwell asks his constituents how the Tories should go about killing their own environmental legislation.

- From late May, our guy waxes homoerotic over his German "buddy".

- From June: lying to SoCons? You'll burn for that, Stock!

- And finally, last week Mr. Day accused Russia of threatening to Nuke Europe of the Kyoto Accord.

And there's a whole nother six months ahead of us before 2007 is out! So thank you Stockwell Day, Canadian Minister of Public Safety. Without you, this blog could not exist.


Ti-Guy said...

Hoo light Stockwell's own highly developed ability to disgrace himself, Kinsella's attack with Barney the Dinosaur seems almost like flirtation.

Day's the only MP I'd truly like to have a beer with; I bet he's a riot when he's tanked.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy a flake or what? I wonder if he's "in the closet" so to speak.

I'm curious why Harper let's him write such garbage.

This guy is in charge of national security - that's why I'm concerned.

Why does Day always have a pained look on his effeminate face?

Oldschool said...

You guys have way too much time on your hands . . . . imagine examining "French Citizen" Dion with the same microscope . . . . of course you would first have to understand what he was actually saying???

Ti-Guy said...

Noschool's banality on the other hand, is entirely unamusing....although the triple question mark was cute.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Good round-up, BCL. I seen Day on either Newman or Duffy Friday. He said, "The RCMP is one of the best RCMP forces in the world."

I reckon that's more of a Bushism than a typical Dayism.


Kingston said...

BCL, Is it just my computer or do all the links in this post go just back to your site. I appreciate that you linked to what I am assuming is supposed to be the full quote so that the analyzed in its full context but it doesn't seem to be working.

Kingston said...

Disregard, it was just my Computer being stupid.

Anonymous said...

About Day's pained look? I think it's because he went and said something stupid in the House like: as soon as you raise your voice you've lost the argument. So, now he has to suck it up, looks like a prune, and has to keep his bluster to himself while he recites his lies. Errr, lines I mean.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't call Eastern Canadians 'spearchuckers' - that's insensitive. They're more correctly called 'assho1es'.