Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Parliament Must Be Winding Down

Because Stockwell Day's column for Penticton Western News has switched back to weekly from bi-weekly. Not much to tell this time out, however, other than that Stockwell appears to have a body-building fetish, and there is a pronounced hint of homo-eroticism in the way he seems to be working out before "wide open sliding glass doors" so as to be seen by the muscly young German sniper (who Stockwell refers to as "buddy", no less).


Ti-Guy said...

From the article:

He really wasn’t checking out how much iron I was pumping (which wouldn’t have been enough to impress him anyway, believe me)

Translation: It wasn't "queer" or anything like that.

Jay said...

What I got from it was, the guy wasn't checking him out but Stockwell was checking him out

"which wouldn't have been enough to impress him anyway, believe me."

He has noticed how much more muscular the guy is compared to himself.

"believe me"

This would possibly mean

"and I should know!"

Had he just followed it up up with a


or a

"you go girlfriend"

then there wouldn't have been any doubt.

That Stockwell, what a tease.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my hearing problem - I thought his name of Stockwell Day not Stockwell Gay.

Now I know why Rick Mercer calls him Doris Day!

Sounds like Doris Gay has a man crush