Thursday, April 19, 2007

Beijing Day Trashes Tradition

Stockwell Day's weekly column in the Western Penticton News continues to shock and appall.

This week, Stockwell's back from Kandahar and already embroiled in scandal. Swiftly discarding his "regular guy" persona, Stockwell has admitted to drinking green tea in a coffee shop. In one foul swoop, our Minister of Public Safety has betrayed the legacy of Tim Horton, undermined the government's get tough (or at least "get mouthy") policy on China, and flaunted his shame by swilling this Commie Juice on sacred Canadian ground--inside the coffee shop! For gawdsakes, Stockwell, get a room!

Next thing you know, convicted Frenchie Stephane Dion will be teaching Shangai Stock how to eat hot-dogs with a knife and fork! If this gets out, might it be the very end of the Conservative Party of Canada?

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