Monday, October 15, 2007

What We All Know that, in a televised debate between Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion, it would take scientific instruments to determine who was exuding less charisma.


Anonymous said...

These polls are truly ridiculous. An insult actually.

Funny - Richard Nixon never had charisma and couldn't win so he got an image maker/make person and bingo bang - he won and we all know how that turned out.

Put him out of his misery already said...

Only Harper's polling numbers dwarf Dion's on the question of who makes the better leader.

Misery loves company but unfortunately for Dion it's a case of "it's lonely at the bottom."

The ony thing that can save Dion from his present predicament is to have an election so he can go back to being a snooty academic. That's where he belongs.

Ti-Guy said...


Anonymous said...

ti-guy: ever the stalinist.

Reality Bites said...

When my sister and I were kids and arguing over who got the bigger piece of something my mother would say "I'll get out the fartometer," a fictitious device she'd conceived for measuring farts and other things too small to be measured by ordinary means.

I suspect the fartometer would not be up to the task of measuring our leaders' charisma, but fortunately since I was a kid there have been great advances in electron microscopes.

Ti-Guy said...

Anonymous queefed:

ti-guy: ever the stalinist.

Yes, quite so.