Friday, March 21, 2008

CPoC Moves To Squelch Another Wingnut

More Tory Turmoil, this time in B.C.! From The Lifesite:

BURNABY, BC, March 19, 2008 ( - A revolt is brewing in the Conservative riding of Burnaby-New Westminster where the Party candidate in the last election - a strong social conservative - has been denied the opportunity to seek the nomination again despite massive local support. Last week directors from the local constituency association held a forum discussing their concern at the Conservative Party's decision to disqualify Marc Dalton, the Conservative Candidate of Record for 2006.

Of course, his social conservatism is not the only issue with Mr. Dalton. In May 2005 Dalton trashed the B.C. Teacher's federation for its "pro-NDP" stance in a story on BCTV, all without telling the network that he was Tory candidate for the riding.

He also, in March of 2007, snuck a number of his supporters onto the Burnaby-New Westminster Conservative riding association's BOD, presumably thinking that stealth was his only path to the re-nomination. One of these plants, Senna Ip, is quoted in the Lifesite article bitching about the lack of democracy in CPoC.

Oh the irony.


Ti-Guy said...

A career path that goes from gym worker to pastor to teacher-librarian? And LifeSite sees absolutely no problem with this?

frances said...

On the other hand ti-guy, at least he's got a job unlike,(ahem),some people we know.

Anonymous said...

Marc Dalton is Native. Atheism falls under the "Stuff White People Like" category. Statistically, Natives, and virtually every non-white demographic cohort you can name, are more spiritual than their militantly atheist white bretheren.

By attacking Mr. Dalton's spirituality, inciting hatred and ridicule over his spirituality, you are breaking the spirit if not letter of Section 13 (1), the notorious Hate Speech provisions of the criminal code, not to mention creating a financial liability for yourself if a harmed citizen seeks remedy via a human rights commission.

You are a hatespeaker whose blog provides a forum for hate speech.

For greater clarity, you attack and ridicule Natives for their spirituality, which contravenes the Criminal Code of Canada, and is just plain rude, by the way. The white Liberal candidate for the Northern Saskatchewan riding spoke liberally about her Christianity recently and publicly; I have to conclude you have a double standard for Natives.

bigcitylib said...

Come get me, anon.

Ti-Guy said...

On the other hand ti-guy, at least he's got a job unlike,(ahem),some people we know.

I thought the Clydesdale porn was working out for you? What happened?

Ti-Guy said...

Anon @ 2:47's comment must be the 50th iteration of that psychotic AND unamusing sophistry the wingnuts indulge in in the attempt to present an argument and look clever at the same time.

That this dull pantomime fails repeatedly on both counts never seems to stop them from putting it on.

Anon needs to hook up with Frances and help her deal with a couple of uncooperative Clydesdales, if he wants to end up being of some use to society.

buckets said...

It seems to me that Anon @ 2:47 should take this matter up with the Conservative Party, instead of poor BCL. It is, after all, the conservatives who have deprived Dalton of the nomination, not BCL.

bigcitylib said...

Yo Buckets,

You briefly mentioned this guy in 05 when doing the thing with Grewal, but I can't find the origonal post (Google says its around June 2 05). You remember that? If so, please send me a link.

Anonymous said...

cross posted below:

My rendition of a BCL comment thread:

ti-guy (who hangs around day and night waiting to be the first to comment), makes supportive comment of BCL's post, laced with namecalling and invective

Commenter 1 makes a point in disagreement with BCL

ti-guy: snide childish remark about commenter 1 in which he calls commenter 1 at least 5 different derogatory names

Commenter 2 makes a comment in support of commenter 1

ti-guy: baseless smear that commenter one must be a racist (based on the lone fact that commenter 2 disagreed with him)

ti-guy: self congratulatory comment about above smear

BCL: encouraging words for ti-guy

ti-guy: revels with BCL in his smear

ti-guy: again revels in his own smearing

ti-guy: general comment castigating all "non-progressives" (neocon nazis)

ti-guy: another comment laces with hatred for "neocons"

Commenter 3: makes point about ti-guy's invective

ti-guy: calls commenter 3 a racist piece of s##t.

ti-guy: another smear

ti-guy: another smear

BCL: laughs at ti-guy's smear

ti-guy: another smear (note ti-guy will invariably leave the last comment on a thread, sort of like a mongrel pissing on a pile of garbage so as to mark it as his own

bigcitylib said...

Anon 4:04, you obviously get it. You'll fit right in here.

Now smear him, Tiguy.

aek said...

According to Elections Canada, Marc Dalton came in third during the 2006 election (Ref Table 12):

Peter Julian, N.D.P. 17,391

Mary Pynenburg, Liberal 13,420

Marc Dalton, Conservative 12,364

Scott Henry Janzen, Green Party, 1,654

In the 2004 election, the Conservative candidate was George Drazenovic, who also came in third. His poor showing may explain why he wasn't the Conservative candidate in 2006.

Similarly, I suspect that Marc Dalton's nomination was declined by National Council because they considered his chances to win or do considerably better than his 2006 results to be poor.

Remember that the Conservative Party's objective is to win a majority in the next election.

The "anti social-conservative" conspiracy theme the Lifesite story seems to be alluding to doesn't hold water.

It's all about win-ability, pure and simple.

Ti-Guy said...

Now smear him, Tiguy.

I had trouble following that, especially when Biff ignored the personal attack by Frances, which I will always escalate in response.

You want better dialogue, 'tard? You know what to could start by making your sock-puppets more entertaining.

buckets said...

The only thing I remember is my generic list of socon candidates here:

Anonymous said...

Seriously guys, Elizabeth May is currently in training to be a *fucking* *priest*, and you're still on about the Christians in the CPC?

Priest. A *fucking* *priest* as head of a major national political party. A priest that you pretend doesn't exist, while simultaneously pretending to be concerned about Christian influence in politics. Cheri DiNovo. The fat NDP guy. Lorne Calvert. This is the face of the so-called Christian movement in Canadian politics.

Cut to the chase and hate the Catholics? Strange, since it is well documented that Catholics historically support the Liberal Party of Canada on election day, and have in fact produced three recent "devout" Catholic PMs.

I guess what I'm saying is that you need to "tweak" your message a bit. A vital and vibrant re-connexion with reality, as it were, is in order.

The Pundits' Guide said...

Sorry to change the subject for a second, but Wikipedia lists Ryan Warawa as the Conservative candidate in Burnaby – New Westminster this time, which was the source used for that name here.

Any reason to believe it's wrong, or is Mr. Warawa just a candidate for the Conservative nomination at this stage? Wikipedia has not always proved too accurate on some of these nominations.

Thanks in advance for any info you can pass along.

Anonymous said...

Think of alllllll those voooooooootes you could scoop from the Greens if you successfully managed the issue of Elizabeth May's hardline Christianity.

We know what happened in the by elections. We know the Liberals are bleeding to the Greens and that trend is rising. We also know that the Green constituency isn't what you'd call religious, per se.

You guys are just leaving tens of thousands of votes on the table. Sitting there. Visualizing you naked and laughing at you. You want to know what it takes to win elections? It takes BRASS BALLS to win elections.

A-I-D-A. Get out there - you got the prospects coming in. You think the came in to the polling booth to get out of the rain? A guy don't walk in the polling booth lest he wants some action. They're sitting out there waiting to give you their vote. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it?

aek said...

re: Anon 4:04

Perhaps we should limit commenters to just 3 comments per thread. A person should be able to make an original comment and then have a couple of opportunities to participate in the conversation. Anyway, it's a suggestion.

RobertJago said...

Anonymous - as a militantly atheist (Conservative) native from a family of atheist natives - I call 'racism' on you.

Can you dig up some hard numbers for this?:

"Marc Dalton is Native. Atheism falls under the "Stuff White People Like" category. Statistically, Natives, and virtually every non-white demographic cohort you can name, are more spiritual than their militantly atheist white bretheren."

aek said...

Re: "aek said... re: Anon 4:04 ....7:49 PM"

This is not the same "aek" who posted the factual 2006 elections results and the associated opinions, who is me.

As an aside, my post was factual and my opinions were respectful. In retrospect, I am disappointed with the quality of the content of the original post and the balance of the comments therein.

Anonymous said...
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bigcitylib said...

Yo Pundit!

That's really interesting, in that Warawa's website says the nomination meeting is not until the 29th of this month. Might even be worth a post.

The Pundits' Guide said...

Thanks for the pointer, bcl ... I'll take a look.

The Pundits' Guide said...

Just to close the circle on this by the way, the Conservatives in Burnaby-New Westminster apparently nominated a third individual on Saturday, businessperson Sam Rakhra. I haven't seen a news clipping to that effect, but I'm using the Election Prediction Project page as a reference for now, although I also found a citation here.