Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour In The 'Burbs

I will admit to a certain amount of disappointment...
Although the pub I hang out in was burning candles. Mind you, its always lit somewhat murkily, because the owner doesn't want you to get a close look at his food when the lights are on and you're sober.
And our building super, while legally required to keep incandescents going in the common areas, did turn the thermostat down to zero. Generally speaking, if you can survive a night in our hallways around this time of year you're ready for the arctic.


Anonymous said...

By the way, what your city is doing to councillor Rob Ford is a disgrace to Canada.

RuralSandi said...

Fakename have ADD? Can't seem to read a blog and stay on topic - he/she should seek out some professional help and soon.

Anonymous said...

Can't even buy a cheeseburger in Ontario anymore.

High minimum wages mean one less "fast" food staffer on duty at lunch, lineups, and wait for food. Pretty hard to fuck up a cheeseburger, but Ontario managed.

Maybe it is greedy owners, though. $8x4= 32 dollars for a minimum 4 hour shift. Call it 35 with pogey and cpp contributions.

Multiply times five workdays per week and fifty two weeks for a grand total of $9,100.

The McDonalds franchisee who forked out four hundred grand for a franchise saves a cool nine thousand bucks a year by shortstaffing the lunch rush, and inconveniencing his customers. What a fucking cheapskate. Eventually everyone brownbags, economy goes boom.

bigcitylib said...


What you've written earlier suggests you're a document specialist. This suggests you work for MacDs. Are you a secratary at head office?

Anonymous said...

You're just full of compliments, as are the Inuit for Stephen Harper and his speedy resolution of their last outstanding land claim.