Monday, March 10, 2008

Electorate In Stasis

The poll shows the major parties practically frozen in place since December, 2006 with the Conservatives dropping one point to 35 per cent since the last survey two weeks ago, while Liberal support picked up the point in rising to 31 per cent.

Interesting. Abstaining hasn't hurt the Liberals. Cadman hasn't hurt the Tories. Preening like a peacock on American television hasn't helped Jack Layton.

Take away message?

On the question of an election, the poll shows a full two-thirds - 66 per cent, up four points since mid-February - of Canadians oppose the idea, saying "there's no need for an election at the moment." Meanwhile, only 27 per cent responded that "we need an election to clear the air" while seven per cent said they were unsure.

The Election Jihadis should take a cold shower, and knock off the hand-wringing. The nation doesn't feel your pain.

The Tories should continue doing what they're doing: posing and talking tough. Because it hasn't worked for two years, so success must be just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Nobody believes in IPsos polls...they have cried wolf one to many times...this is a con poll and is conning you if you believe it....the conservatives do not want an election right now because theu know they will Bricker is helping them out 'shooting the bull' ...gramps

Greg said...

"Election Jihadis"?

Are you sure you are not Rex Murphy?

Anonymous said...

None of those things have hurt the Tories because most rational people can see that those are just manufactured pseudo-scandals, with the Liberals behind the moaning and fingerpointing over nothing.

Rudy said...

This shows that people are content with a Harper minority government. They're not scared. They're not outraged. They don't want a change. They may be wrong - but nothing that interesting or terrible has happened to prove them wrong. The Liberals willingness to let Harper govern actually proves the opposite. Votes are parked.

Given that the one (and only) Liberal electoral strategy since 1993 has been: "If the other guys win you're doomed! DOOMED!" this is probably good news for Harper - if anyone.

We'll see what happens when the recession takes hold.

Anonymous said...

"Dis governement iz just so bad dat I am going to either sit on my hands in disgust or I will totally walk out when der iz a vote. Dat iz how bad dey are."

Posturing? Tough talk? I think you're a little mixed up.

Anonymous said...

internals are showing the libs losing Vancouver quadra,

and for sure the Sask riding.

two more gone.

this is gonna be fun.

little birdie said...

I've heard it's going to be very close in Quadra. Apparently the Liberal supporters will be staying home in droves, even more than what usually happens in a by-election.

Kingston said...

BCL, Question, if as a couple posters are saying about Quadra is true, do you think that Mr.Dion might to the all for nothing on Thursday night to avoid the humiliation of losing two of the four ridings.

bigcitylib said...

Big if. The only place I've heard that the Libs might be trailing in Quadra is from anon trolls (and I have been looking).

Gayle said...

kingston - I would suggest that if the liberals were on the verge of losing Quadra, Harper (and Layton) would not be pushing to defeat his government until after the by-elections.

Kingston said...

Gayle, you raise a good point, but look through the mirror the other way, what if the new RESP is a popular way for Mr. Dion to pull the plug, I mean, I do not like the idea of the Opps being able to play with the budget like that, but I do like the plan, I know that sounds contradictory but hey its my grey matter. I am actually feeling for the the LPC in the next election for the following reasons. The NDP has absolutely nothing to gain by slamming the CPC and will just do mouth services to attacks on the govt, they know that for their support to grow it has to come from the LPC and Green and that is where they will spend most of their attack. The conservative base will never jump over the LPC to the NDP and we both know that. The CPC and the NDP will show plenty of pictures of the empty side of the HofC during the next election, and well people might be pissed at the CPC for Income Trusts and other things, I am willing to bet they are going to be more pissed over the LPC not doing its job.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you properly called BigCityCommunist? Was that name taken?