Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Radical Imam Moves On

The Rad Imam Syed Soharwardy, arch-nemesis to Ezra "Lord of All Speeches" Levant, has decided to get on with his life. He's talking about the situation in Darfur, and OMYGAWD!!!, the radical shit coming out of his mouth!

'The majority of the people on both sides of this conflict are Muslims,' says [Syed Soharwardy].

'This is absolutely a genocide and a number of major global Islamic organizations have a major responsibility, compared with any other groups, to stop this.'

Soharwardy says the leadership of the broader Muslim world, not just the Sudanese regime, must be held to account for their inaction while millions suffer.

'It hurts every Muslim because it's a crisis and nobody is taking any interest,' he adds.

Meanwhile, what's Ezra up to? Click, click, click. Hmm. Looks like he's still talking about Ezra.


Ti-Guy said...

Ezra was talking about himself? I thought he was talking about Hitl...oh, never mind.

Seriously though, his authoritarianism is becoming disturbing. "Marginalising," "denormalising," ...they all imply a certain eliminationism and finality to the solutions he supports.

Raging Ranter said...

And BigCityLib? He's still talking about Ezra too. Why don't you just ask the guy out on a date already? You'll never advance the relationship if you just keep blogging about him.

All hail Bob Rae said...

OT but of interest - Paul Wells is the latest member of the national press gallery to talk about the subject that is on all their minds. Here's how he puts it in his blog today:

"So basically the Dion Liberals have one last chance to decide the timing of a federal election. And if they decide to stall, they then have more than a year to handle any internal business that might come to mind."

Everyone knows what that "internal business" is - the dismal, dispiriting leadership of the party.

I have noticed that nobody defends Dion anymore, not even Jason Cherniak. Dion's days are numbered. The party's base, including those embedded in the media like Rick Mercer and Paul Wells, are fed up with him and the party brass are listening.

The only place where I disagree with Wells is on whether Dion has the actual authority to rally his troops to electoral battle. The overwhelming evidence is that they refuse to find under his command.

The Liberals will rally around Bob Rae and will treat his by-election victory like Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

The bad news is that we'll have Harper governing until fall 2009, the good news is that we'll actually have a leader who can fight.

Dion has, unwittingly perhaps, led his party into a defacto Conservative-Liberal coalition alliance with the government - with the Conservatives calling most of the shots.

Anonymous said...

Then why don't other muslim countries come to their aid? Why must you expect 'Christian' countries to be the first ones to help?