Saturday, April 05, 2008

Michael Coren: Canadian Flag Barely Worth Lowering

Even the flag itself is something of a joke.

It's not the great, grand standard upon which this country was built and for which so many died in two bloody world wars. That one boasted the emblem of a great world faith.

The great world faith, I am assuming, would be the British Empire, which is now deep in darkness.

Incidentally, the Red Ensign to which Coren refers underwent a number of changes over the course of time during which it was Canada's unofficial/official emblem. Strictly speaking, the soldiers who died in WWI were dying for a different flag than the soldiers who died in WWII.

Not that Coren would care. As long as they were dying for England rather than as free men of an independent nation.

Weirdly enough, the Red Ensign is the flag of preference for the Canadian Nazi movement. Here's a little shout out to it by none other than Marc Lemire (on Stormfront).


Chet Scoville said...

The faith that Coren is referring to is Christianity; the UK flag is made up of a series of crosses. But you're basically right.

Skinny Dipper said...

The person who wrote under "Paul Fromm" mentioned something about those treasonous Europeans changing the Canadian flag.

Damn those inferior race German-Canadians! Damn those Norwegians in Saskatchewan came over and gobbled up good farmland from loyal British Canadians. Damn those Austrians who took over the Canadian auto parts industry.

Damn the disloyal Irish-Canadians.
Damn the grumpy Scots.
Damn the Liverpoolians or Liverpudlians or whatever they are called.
Damn the Lilliputians.

Kyle said...

I can't stand Coren. Pretty much everytime I read his column, he has something negative to say about the country. It may be narrow-minded of me to say but, doesn't it at all make you wonder why Coren is even here? He hates everything about Canada yet he chose to live here. If he can't stand Canada, its people, its 'culture', etc. but loves the idea of England and the old British whatevers, then why doesn't he go back? He's either enjoying being miserable or he's full of shit and is writing for a specific audience for financial gain.

Reality Bites said...

Perhaps he means it's not worth lowering because you could never get it down to his level.

Putrid little hate-filled fuck.

RuralSandi said...

Coren was born in England of Jewish parents. He converted to Catholosim, then to an Evangelist then back the Catholism.

Ya, he's a man that knows what he believes and who he is...hmmmm.

He can't seem to be happy about anything - perhaps he should convert again to say, Muslim, Buddhism or something.

If he can't make up his mind that he lives in "Canada" by choice and he doesn't like it - go home Coran.

Ti-Guy said...

Honestly, the nerve of that low-class wide-o shitting all over the symbols of Canada. I don't know what era Coren thinks this is, but no one these days sits patiently while a Brit explains the many reasons for which you, a Canadian colonial wog, are deficient. I haven't heard that in decades.

Creepy, gap-toothed, bald fuck. Hope he chokes on his next chip butty.

Loraine Lamontagne said...

Coren doesn't like the fact that the flag is red and white because, he writes in the article, those are the colours of the Liberal Party of Canada.

It was under a Conservative (Meighan) that red and white became the official colours of Canada, and it was under a Conservative (Diefenbaker) that the maple leaves on our shield were changed to red, and in honour of Meighan, if memory serves.

As for the religious aspect, the gc site explains, that during the Crusades, "each nation was distinguished by a cross of a different colour. France long had a red cross on its banners while England used a white cross."

The Republicans and the Democrats in the US both use their national colours. It is the choice of the Conservatives, NDP et al not to use our official colours. It is shameful that the CPC has painted the Government of Canada's website with their entirely political partisan colours. Their party should be made to pay for the cost of this, and for the cost of putting it back to the official colours of Canada.

And of course, the red ensign was - red!

Lizt. said...

I do not like this flag and it reminds me of the Ontario Flag, which should be changed.