Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stephen Harper Prepares To Eat Kid's Brain!

From Christian Conservative (the guy who kissed Melissa Bhagat), a scene from some kind of gathering where Conservatives sacrificed small children to their angry leader. If you look closely at the space between Harper's teeth, you can see another pair of jaws, like the creature from Alien.


Mark-Alan Whittle said...

At least the kid doesn't look afraid of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, despite you wanting him to.

The young lad looks rather in awe of meeting the Prime Minister.

Besides, Stephen Harper loves kids having a few of his own, a boy and a girl.

We never seem to see Dion interacting with children and their families like we do with the Harpers, one and all.

It's easy to see who has the average families best interests at heart, and it's certainly not Stephane Dion.

Having an election would prove this conclusively.

Dion's chances of ever becoming prime minister are very long odds even in the best of times.

But wait, we have his replacements all lined up with Michael Ignatieff stabbing Dion from the right and you have Bob Rae stabbing him from the left.

It's pure political genius bringing Quebec into the fold with the rest of Canada, and actually put it in writing via the constitution of Canada thus removing the only club left in the bag for the separatists who want Quebec to suceed her lifetime commitment to Canada as a whole, unified country.

Reality Bites said...

Sir, have you no decency, no compassion?

If he tried eating the brains of his adult supporters he'd starve.

RuralSandi said...

The kid is thinking - where did you get that funny nose - it's growing.

Oldschool said...

Big city . . . must be from TO . . . and out of the playoffs.

You remind me of ole Uncle Adolph . . . stirring up the brain-dead masses to get rid of those nasty joooosss.