Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Buckets Has Been Up To Lately

In addition to showing to everyone's satisfaction that Richard Warman did not post the Anne Cools Message, he has been making some quietly powerful arguments against the notion that Warman "lied" about setting up the also infamous "Lucy" account at Freedomsite.

In short, the version of the transcripts recording Warman's "confession" that you are likely to have come across on the websites of the usual suspects have been subtly altered in a manner that leads the reader towards a "guilty" conclusion. Seen in their restored form, they hardly seem as compelling.

But click on the link and let Buckets do his thing.

Or is it Bouquets?


Ti-Guy said...

Goodness, is that what that was all about? I had checked the original transcripts long ago to make sure there hadn't been any context excised within the graphic of the information presented at FreeDominion.

That's why I agree with the libel suit, and why Warman should win, although I wouldn't be surprised to see more "evidence" come to light. I'm really hoping someone gets so desperate he or she starts fabricating it.

Reality Bites said...

If Neville Chamberlain were alive today he'd be saying to Mark Fournier, "Seriously dude, thanks for making me look a bit less gullible."