Sunday, April 13, 2008

Steyn And Company Have Got It Easy

Given all the whining over the OHRC's remarks re Steyn and Macleans Magazine and journalistic freedoms and yadayadayada this week, a little historical perspective is in order:

...the official scribes of Maya kings, who were considered important to the kings' power, were especially targeted by enemies in warfare. If captured, they were executed—after their fingers were broken and their fingernails ripped out, according to a researcher who has taken a much closer look at Maya murals.

Not recommending anything similar, obviously.

In any case, the status of the scribe has changed over the centuries with the spread of reading and writing skills. If you want an insight into why almost every columnist in the nation has been trashing HRC's to absolutely no political effect, check out this list of reviled professions.

Steyn and Ezra and co. should look in the mirror and ask themselves why people hold used cars salesmen in higher regard. (hint: used car salesmen have a higher regard for the truth)


Ti-Guy said...

Journalists? Presstitutes is a better word for them, especially in Stain's case.

Reality Bites said...

Even in Mayan times I think Steyn and Levant's fingers would have been safe from the king's enemies. That whole bit about being important can really be a lifesaver.

Not so sure how safe they'd be from the king himself though. After the Calgary byelection debacle, if I were Ezra I wouldn't put Steve-O in charge of my manicures.

Omar Ha-Redeye said...

We got even the presstitutes beat, hands down.