Thursday, October 01, 2009

Been There, Done That

Abstaining, not showing up, voting with...they all amount to the same thing and you will all feel like crap in the though you had betrayed an ideal for the most tawdry of reasons. So go for it.

And as for the new ad. Well, at least Iggy could afford some foliage in the background.


Dr.Dawg said...

BCL, just one question, with a frank answer, please: Do you really want an election now?

Your party continues to be poll-axed, and dirges are already being sung.

Do you really want a Harper majority that badly? Come on, man, think.

Ti-Guy said...

13.9% for the NDP. Good Lord.

It's odd. The lower they go in the polls, the angrier they are at the Liberals.

Lizt. said...

I am a Liberal and an election is not good for us right it is best to wait until Harper hangs himself. I cannot fathom this country with a Conservative Majority...what a nightmare!

roblaw said...

But, I think I get BCL's point. Sometimes, it's not about getting elected, it's about doing what you think is right.

I've had the same questions, from time to time, with my own party.

To much concern over polls and getting elected has a tendency to, eventually, erode what used to be principles into a naked desire to "win at all costs".

I get it BCL. I may not agree with your politics all the time, but I get the point.

roblaw said...

Although, according to the exploding heads on my own blog the last few days I'm a Liberal in Conservative clothing..

You may now start laughing/throwing up, Ti-Guy.

Ti-Guy said...

You may now start laughing/throwing up...

I lost my sense of humour over how Conservatives treat independent thinking and dissent long ago, Rob. As for throwing up, it's all dry heaves at this point.

roblaw said...

LOL.. nothing if not consistent.

The point, though, is at least, here and there in the blog world, the right, the left, the middle "communicate", even if it's just to curse eachother.

And, sometimes, 'specially here and at R/T, as a Conservative (at least in my own estimation) I read something that makes me go, "hmmm".

Ti-Guy said...

LOL.. nothing if not consistent.

I just used that over at your blog in a riposte to the shrill harpy, Alberta Girl (who needs to be outed like...yesterday).

Jinx. You owe me a, I mean, not the Rahim Jaffer type.

I remember a clip (I believe I saw it here) from some Ontario PC convention from a while back, when an old bag pushed some of her co-partisans (of a different leadership faction...I imagine Randy Hillier's) out of the way. This is how Conservatives behave online and in real life.

That's your party and your welcome to it.

roblaw said...

TG.. I'll buy you a coke.. but will take some issue (as expected) with the comment regarding "Conservatives"..

Really, I think most people who vote for either the Liberals or the Conservatives are, to steal a phrase, "severely normal". They kind of want the same things and they are not nearly as extreme in their views as the partisans who either run for office, or, worse, participate in political blogs..

The trick, I think, is to understand and appreciate that. The Liberals, to be honest, historically have been better than the Conservatives at that I think.. but, perhaps that has shifted slightly as of late..

The Wild Rose doesn't get it. At all. If you think "Conservatives" are stupid, go have a look at the individual websites of the proposed Wild Rose leaders. Stupid would be an understatement.

Ti-Guy said...

Really, I think most people who vote for either the Liberals or the Conservatives are, to steal a phrase, "severely normal".

Let's look at it another way. "Conservatives" represent a margin of Canadians. It's simply common sense to assume that what they believe is not representative of most Canadians.

I used to think like you do but the evidence is just too overwhelming for me to maintain that. There's something profoundly wrong with these people.