Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Contra the Hill Times, there is nothing I can see at Whois that suggests the Liberal party of Canada has registered I've reproduced its Whois record below. Also Contra The Hill Times, does not redirect you to the official LPoC site, in any sense of the term "redirect" that I am familiar with.
Try the links yourself and tell me if I'm wrong. But for the time-being this seems to a case of fraudulinking to promote a bullshit rumour.


Gallahad said...

Of course it is a bullshit rumour.

Perfect timing as well.

Just as Stephen Harper, is getting buried for spending $1.2 billion on a three day summit.

Just as the international press, and the foreign media, have picked up the "Fake Lake" and the "Toilets to Nowhere", and are running with it.

Just as Harper, has managed to embarrass Canada, on the international stage once again.

Just as Tony Clement, is barrelling out the pork for his own riding hand over fist.

Just as Canadians are really paying attention to this Harper created fiasco.

Mighty convenient isn't it?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Jack Latyon's fingerprints on this as well.

The timing is too cute by half.

Fuck wads both Harper, and Layton.

R. G. Harvie said...

Surely you are aware, that "Serious People"
in the Liberal Party are having discussions about a merger, aren't you?


Are you suggesting that Warren Kinsella is full of shit.

Because, on that point, I wouldn't probably take much issue.

R. G. Harvie said...

As reported in the CBC News:

Many Liberal insiders confirmed that discussions between the two parties are not just focused on forming a coalition after an election or co-operation before one, but the creation of a new party.

The new party would possibly be named the Liberal Democrats and there has been tentative talk about what a shared platform would look like and an understanding that a race would be required to choose a new leader.

"Serious people are involved in discussions at a serious level," Warren Kinsella, a former adviser to former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien, told CBC News.

Of course, in fairness, Michael Ignatieff repoted those comments were "ridiculous" and distanced himself from Kinsella, stating.."I have no relationship with Warren Kinsella".

Oooooh... *burn* Warren.

R. G. Harvie said...

My favorite quote:

He (Kinsella) added that with the Liberals polling at around 25 per cent support, a merger necessitates consideration.

"The reality is that we are in a bad position," Kinsella said.

Would this fall in the category of "With friends like these..."?

bigcitylib said...

Got the day off or something, RG?

RuralSandi said...

About polling - Aaron Wherry at Macleans has polling records from the 80's....very interesting.

double nickel said...

If RG had been paying attention he would know that WK and the current Lib party brass aren't that close.

Tof KW said...

Mr Harvie is quite correct in his quotations, this is all coming from Kinsella. Also I do consider this all BS, and this is not at all what the Liberal Party needs right now.

You've just been handed an honest-to-goodness spending boondoggle that the Harper government can't blame on someone else ...and the media swings the telescope on the Liberals and what can only be explained as a shot at the current leader of the party by a former strategist.

Maybe Kinsella is trying to be smart and sending this up as a trial balloon? If so the timing couldn't be worse. The public is pretty pissed about the G20 spending and this could have at least brought your party to a tie with the CPC.

wilson said...

So everyone at the Hill Times are liars.
I went to this morning and was redirected to the Liberal party site, and no doubt many reporters did too.

bigcitylib said...

I too went this morning, Wilson, and Nada.

Not that that would prove anything. I could redirect MY site to that website if I wanted to.

Shiner said...

Heh, The Fake Lake Accord from Silver. Brilliant.

Tof KW said...

wilson said...
"I went to this morning and was redirected to the Liberal party site, and no doubt many reporters did too."


You get this site which the address is registered by someone? but not in use.

Nowhere is anyone redirected anywhere else wilson.

Tof KW said...

Shiner - just read that Fake Lake Accord. Best political laugh I've had in a while (and the message is so true). Thanks for sharing.

R. G. Harvie said...

My $.02, coming from a former Liberal gone to the dark side?

The party was always strongest at the middle. Both Chretien and Martin governed from a fiscally responsible centre, with some leaning obviously towards social liberalism.

As the party got pulled stronger left (can you say, "Greenshift"?) it lost support.

Adscam didn't help.

Moving the party farther left and identifying closely with the NDP is a desperate quick-fix.

The party would be better re-tooling and centering itself (figuratively and literally) and not worrying about imminent election.

Be patient.

Stake out the high ground - don't get caught up in the "gotcha" of the day.

This discussion of "merger" or "coalition" smacks of desperation and is a tacit acknowledgment that the "Big Red Machine" has become a Gremlin.

Lenny said...

Please explain how shifting taxation from income to carbon emissions is "left".

Reality Bites said...

Advice from someone who wants to defeat the Liberals?

Sorry, it's not worth the .02

R. G. Harvie said...

Advice froms somebody who wants better government.

And who used to consistently vote liberal.

Emphasis on "used to".

Think about it.

Shiner said...

What's to think about Rob? The CPC has shown themselves even more cavalier with your money and their tough on crime measures, not to mention closet religious funding, should stop the heart of any real liberal. If none of that makes you change your vote, Reality Bites is spot on, your 2 cents are worthless.

Lenny said...

Please explain how shifting taxation from income to carbon emissions is "left".