Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Iggy Uninvited!

The Israelis don't want him (or the other Lib Leadership candidates):

OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff's trip to the Middle East has been called off by the Jewish group that invited him.

The Canada-Israel Committee confirmed today that it decided to uninvite Ignatieff and any other Liberal leadership hopefuls who had planned to take part in an all-party parliamentary delegation to Israel next month.

Sources say the committee does not want the annual trip to become a side show of the Liberal leadership race.

Probably worried he'd set fire to something.


Anonymous said...

I rather think that the current government of Israel doesn't want the public to see some of the things that are going on there. Unlike other trips organized for the Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel and one would imagine for other "friendly" parliamentarians like Tom Hayden once was, this trip would have been very high-profile, with journalists everywhere. I don't know whether we realize this, but Ignatieff's story has become a world-wide event!

In the end, this new development tells more about Israel and the Occupation than it does about Ignatieff.

Anonymous said...

Here's a quicker link to Tom Hayden.

Simon Pole said...

Good point furgaia.

One can speculate on how the media would have framed the event:

Michael Ignatieff went to Israel to determine if they had commited war crimes. What did he find?

Though, lucky for the Israelis, Ignatieff won't become PM, let alone leader of the Liberal Party.