Friday, October 13, 2006

No, YouTube is NOT Censoring Conservative Content this WorldNet Daily story would have people believe. What in fact happened was that a number of YouTube subscribers flagged a video, by Scary Movies 4's David Zucker, as "inappropriate for some users". The YouTube flagging system is intended to limit access to adult themed or sexually oriented material. In this case, however, the potentially "offensive" content was satirical; Zucker's video criticized the North Korea policy of President Clinton.

However, since the video was still accessible if the user "verified" that they were over 18, the flag was hardly a major impediment. Furthermore, when it was viewed by YouTube staff, as all flagged material is, the access wall was promptly removed.

Said video, called "The David Zucker Albright Ad", is currently available here, and is not very funny.

This story is most interesting as an example of the evolving "tactics" surrounding the use of YouTube in a political context. Presumably marauding gangs of Liberal (or Conservative) users could go around flagging clever campaign ads from the other side, or video showing their own candidates making gaffes, in an attempt to limit exposure.

Which reminds me, has anyone flagged Bob Rae's ass? An ass like that gets you votes. It could be dangerous.

Think about it.

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The Libertarian Guy said...

There's nothing obscene in this video, so it must be a case of "I have a right to not be offended" on the part of the flaggers.

Odd, though... I can't find that right in the Constitution.

For my money, I love seeing BOTH sides duke it out. I'd like to see a leftist come up with something as clever and funny as the Zucker bit. Because, if the Republicans and Democrats keep flinging poo at each other, they get less work done in government, and we could well do without more bureaucracy and laws and taxes and... well, you get the idea.