Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is House Speaker Dennis Hastert About to Fall Over Dirty Emails?

According to Fox News, he says "No", but internal Republican Polling Data that has been leaked to Fox

shows that House Republican candidates will suffer massive losses in support if Hastert remains speaker until Election Day. A GOP source briefed on the polling data told FOX News that the data suggests House Republican losses could be catastrophic if Hastert's speakership continues.

The story on the website gives no numbers, but John Mcintyre of RealClearPolitics bandies about a figure of 50 seats. He also speculates that the fact the GOP released this data means the skids are being greased for Hastert's removal.

So, if Hastert resigns, will this get the GOP over the Foley dirty e-mail scandal? Maybe not, as some GOPers are expecting more damaging emails/IM messages to surface implicating other congressmen in affairs with other house Pages.

Goodness! And I thought Canadian politics was exciting!

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